Humans. Amazon Prime

Humans cast photo

Our favorite Synth-Cyborg group is coming to Amazon Prime.  First season streaming in May.  Have you figured out how and when Niska got the second flash drive?  This is your chance to watch again, and solve the mystery.  Excerpts from article follow:

Cathy Payne, Chief Executive of Endemol Shine International commented, “We are ecstatic that Humans has had such a wonderful response from the audience to-date. It is a brilliant production with a superb cast and we look forward to working with Amazon in the US to take it to an even wider audience”.

“Humans was one of this summer’s top new series and is exactly the type of smart, thought-provoking shows that Prime members love,” said Brad Beale, Vice President of Digital Video Content Acquisition for Amazon. “We are excited that Prime members will soon be able to experience the sci-fi drama at no additional charge.”

Filming for Season/Series 2 is underway now.

(photo credit: AMC studios)


One comment on “Humans. Amazon Prime

  1. August 3, 2015 at 3:52 pm

    Humans, E8 … my immediate thoughts about the first season finale.

    Really liked E8 … but then I am a huge fan of “subtlety” !! Besides the wonderful quiet emotion which filled this episode, there was a lot of interesting conjecture placed before us. These are merely first impressions … much more study … and thought to keep us occupied throughout the year ahead. A very good way to leave us … wondering, but not distraught. I like these guys more all the time. Not ordinary thinkers, they.

    Was Sophie merely mirroring Mia’s reactions? Now that the special Synths have consciousness could their sharing abilities have been enhanced? Perhaps Mia wanted to leave ‘little mouse’ with more than a memory of her.

    Fred will be found, but by whom? Will he be able to overcome the changes visited upon him by Hobb? Will this be the last encounter between Leo and Beatrice? That’s not likely. Will Leo and Mattie meet again? That’s very likely. Now that Niska has independence and free will AND the flash drive, will her desire to create more like her result in even more trouble? (again, a distinct probability)

    Just as I don’t expect the confrontation between human and Synth to result in a bloody war (a resolution too typical and ordinary for these writers!), I also do expect our answers to be nothing short of creative and beyond our current imaginings.

    More later, Suntse, looking forward to series 2


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