Very Interesting …

Ever wonder what it’s like filming on a busy London street? A Chinese fan, Ravenna, captured this footage of filming a scene in Humans II. Be patient, it takes a few minutes to load, but you will easily make out the Synth actors by their posture and gait as they move through the crowds. Also, we see Leo and his companions as they disengage and leave from the Charging Station.


(We couldn’t accomplish the embed.  The link above will take you there.)


Now and Then …

We thank  Georgina Dawe , who has shared her observation with us, and created this wonderful piece.  @zaxMAGIC

It’s all in the hands … not exactly the same however similar enough #ColinMorgan now and then.

Colin's hands

Have been following Georgina for awhile now and highly recommend you visit her creative site, done beautifully. with much care and talent.  Suntse


Odi Returns ?

Odi returns ©  Channel 4

We grew very fond of Odi.  We hope he will be repaired and find a family of his own.  ❤

Excerpts from Digital Spy article dated 09 May 2016.

Hidden in last month’s big casting announcement was confirmation that Will Tudor will be back on the Channel 4 show.  That’ll come as a surprise to anyone who watched the first series, in which his Synth character Odi appeared to meet his end.

Humans writers Sam Vincent and Jonathan Brackley had previously told DS that they have plans to expand that world into a third series and beyond

Humans will return to Channel 4 later in 2016.

Steely Determination … The Fire Within

The things we see … and the things we don’t see … the things that are invisible to the eye.

We watched this young man enter our lives and ascend from an unknown talent to a most loved and respected artist.  We grew to know him by his words, by his actions, by the intense attention he gave to the people he portrayed … not characters only, but representations of human emotion.  A need in him to show us what he saw in them as he read the script and lifted them from the page.


But his aspirations were never to become rich or famous. And we know that as we watched him quietly in the background, always studying, always with a script in his hand, always shining with a silent luster that called our attention.

Nurtured by loving parents in a small country, miles and oceans away from us, he silently made his way toward his goal with diligence, with persistence, with study, with respect for others.  Even with crowds clamoring around him, he retreated into the world of his next role.

The title of this piece would imply something more forceful, something bold and disquieted.  Yet this man’s calm determination gives the same effect without the noise.  He doesn’t step to the front of the room but remains in the ensemble of the cast, one of the members of a creative group, doing his part to contribute the role he has been asked to play.  Colin Morgan: a child, not of the real world, but of his chosen world, heeding the voices of his passion.