Very Interesting …

Ever wonder what it’s like filming on a busy London street? A Chinese fan, Ravenna, captured this footage of filming a scene in Humans II. Be patient, it takes a few minutes to load, but you will easily make out the Synth actors by their posture and gait as they move through the crowds. Also, we see Leo and his companions as they disengage and leave from the Charging Station.


(We couldn’t accomplish the embed.  The link above will take you there.)


One comment on “Very Interesting …

  1. Yes, it was very cool to come across that video. It’s interesting to watch the creation of a scene that will probably be a mere minute in the finished product. It was funny when the fellow came and sat down beside “Leo”. I don’t think that was in the script, and neither was the man who came up to inspect the charging cords! 😀 Yes, I imagine there are many challenges when shooting in a crowded public area. 🙂

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