Anticipation … 2016 … (Updated)


 2016 The Living and The Dead  (April 2016: post-production)  (Air Dates:  June 28 for UK;  October for USA)  BBC America and BBC One have each commissioned all six episodes of The Living And The Dead).  Nathan Appleby
 2016 Waiting for You (post-production) (May 30  finished . awaiting a distributor to launch it on the world”  Hugh Stoddart)
Paul Ashton
 2016 The Huntsman (post-production)  (Release Date:  22 April 2016 … Done)
Duke of Blackwood 
2016 The Fall S3: (filming April 2016)  Release date: apprx August 2016
DS Tom Anderson
2016  Humans S2:  (filming)  Release date: UK, late 2016.  USA, early 2017
Leo Elster
2016 The Rising: 1916 (pre-production)  (filming delayed to late 2016 or 2017)
Sean McDiarmada

This little creature speaks for us… eagerly expectant, hopeful, barely concealing the excitement bubbling up inside, waiting to positively BURST !!! “The Storm is Coming!” 😉  … (“depends how you say it!”) …  😉 😉

2 comments on “Anticipation … 2016 … (Updated)

  1. AwenFound says:

    Suntse, where did you hear about the August airdate for The Fall? That would be so great.


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