TLATD … Interview with Colin

TLATD Interview

A very extensive interview with Colin commenting on his role as Nathan Appleby.  Excerpts follow, Entire interview found here.

Tell us about your character, Nathan Appleby

Nathan is very much a man who has suffered and been through a lot. He is adamant that he is going to solve his problems, be that through people, through his work as a psychologist or, as he ends up doing, confronting himself by moving to the house that he grew up in.

Why does he return to Shepzoy House?

He’s not only coming back to inherit the estate, he is reawakening everything that is related to it: his son died there, his mother died there, his wife almost certainly died there too. For him to come back and to try and make a life there is hard. 

Describe the relationship between him and Charlotte.

The relationship between Nathan and Charlotte is very much the centre of the drama – it’s the heart and soul of it. They are two people desperately in love and desperately looking for happiness. They can’t possibly comprehend what they are about to take on, or what is going to take on them. What awaits them in Shepzoy, the house that Nathan grew up in, is a cask of the unknown and a fair amount of horror, which is both dramatic and difficult for them to overcome. But essentially it’s a story about a couple whose relationship is put to the test.


One comment by Colin we particularly liked:

You get the impression that the land holds trauma, holds pain, and holds memories. Digging it up, unearthing the land itself, gives a feeling of something else being unearthed and unsettled. That is a catalyst for things that happen. 


2 comments on “TLATD … Interview with Colin

  1. It is all very, very exciting! Learned a few more things from this interview. 🙂 Can’t wait to watch it.

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  2. Nathan is very much a man who has suffered

    Colin seems to pursue characters who are calling out to be understood. He is a master at portraying these “lost souls”. And he shows them to us in such a way that we find compassion for them in ourselves.

    (link to:


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