Colin comments on TLATD

Nathan.1  A man of Science struggles with troubling events.

Another interesting interview with Colin regarding his role in TLATD.  Again, we could not embed video from this site, but here is the link.  Slow to buffer, but very worth the interruptions.  Good questions by the interviewer.

Some quotes from video:

“A big thing for the show is what lies beneath should be kept beneath and he has got a lot going on underneath. It starts to unravel under the surface.

“He is a man of science but he has a very traumatic past having lost some very close family members. If the science end of things could be disproved, that there was perhaps evidence of a supernatural world that would be amazing for him.”

“There is a lot of love between Nathan and Charlotte, that’s the heart of the show really.

“But as with any relationship, when someone becomes so embroiled in one thing, the focus just gets taken away.

“Charlotte is this grounding force that is trying to pull him back to life.”

Photos are (C) BBC and Robert Viglasky





One comment on “Colin comments on TLATD

  1. This image of Colin really appeals to me. Handsome, serious, manly … no longer a boy. ❤

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