The Living and The Dead … Review


Atmospheric and scary, but with a huge heart, ‘The Living and the Dead’ displays the best of its leading man’s talent, while nurturing a rich supporting cast, and fantastic writing and directing talent.

A remarkable review by Christopher Moore.  Chilling itself, it leads those of us not yet privileged to see this amazing series to sleepless nights and unbearable impatience to wait our turn.  Not revealing specifics, it still is a gentle guide to expectations, and Mr. Moore’s admiration of the talents involved in this effort reflect our own.  Many reviewers seem to us to pontificate as though above the fray, looking down as authorities from an elite place.  Mr. Moore’s review has none of that affectation.  We enjoyed it and devoured every word.  Particularly set apart here, the following:

Morgan is the beating heart of the show, a worthy, fantastically-crafted drama for him to finally become a leading man in again, but the talents of Spencer, Troughton, Donovan and Pharoah, along with the supporting cast, would also be greatly missed by this reviewer if it doesn’t return.  It simply has to.  In the vein of all the best ghost stories, it’s a show that stays with you.

More please.

And there is indication that it will return … but before that inevitably long wait for a second, we need to see the first as soon as possible.  American audiences are second cousins when it comes to unwrapping these wonderful packages.  We are children staring at the enticing wrappings, all ribbons and bows with great promise inside, sitting on the shelf before us, just out of reach. photo: © BBC/ Photographer: Robert Viglasky.

2 comments on “The Living and The Dead … Review

  1. You know that comment from Christopher Moore, “a worthy, fantastically-crafted drama” … the negative review I read last night on IMDb was by a viewer who had no earthly idea what that means. This was proven to me when the reviewer, who had to be a male, stated that there wasn’t even a good looking woman in a negligee to relieve the boredom! (I paraphrase here, because as of this morning, I cannot find it again. Someone who recognizes what is worthy and fantastically-crafted, and what is not, has taken it down. Hoorah for the good guys!)

    Not that we cannot abide a poor review of a film featuring Colin, but for heaven’s sake make it rational! On the other hand, there are several reviews there which give the effort excellent marks. I particularly like Den of Geek, who recognized in their review the value of the vapor trail and the book of light. Two scenes that have been treated by some as mistakes on the part of the film maker, raising their eyebrows as if to say something wrong here, something unimaginable. (Imagine that!)


  2. Re: The Guardian review … Can’t we say “the ethereal beauty of Colin Morgan”, without adding, “off whose cheekbones the entire production hangs” ??? The entire production? Back to cheekbones? All of Colin’s dedication and hard work being reduced to an element over which he has no control of his own.

    We agree that there were scenes where Colin’s beauty took center stage for a few moments; however, let’s not assign the significance of an entire production to that alone.


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