Funny, Haunting, Interesting

This morning’s radio interview with Graham Norton was everything one could hope, including listening to Colin’s pure and lovely Irish accent during the conversation.  Colin was clearly having a very good time, and Graham is delightful.

Funny: is easy.  A particular favorite … Colin regarding Charlotte: “We had to work very closely together to create that chemistry of a marriage”, Graham’s comment: “Oh”  ….  to which Colin replied, merely “M-mmmm …”

Haunting: alludes to sound track music, “She Moved Through The Fair”, sung exquisitely by Elizabeth Fraser.

Interesting:  as always, Colin’s intelligence shines.  There are also comments about “Humans S2”.

no longer available on BBC site .. We had hoped it would be available on YouTube, and so here it is!


(Thanks to nyotas for sharing headline photo)


6 comments on “Funny, Haunting, Interesting

  1. AwenFound says:

    Got up early to listen to it live and was not disappointed. A wonderful, funny and interesting interview. Wish it had lasted longer. It was a breath of fresh air from the somewhat repetitive and hurried interviews that we have been seeing recently. Sitting down in a studio allowed for an enjoyable relaxed banter.

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  2. AwenFound says:

    I don’t ever remember seeing the photo that you used for this post.

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  3. Does anyone know how we can capture this radio interview so we won’t lose it? It will only be up on BBC radio for 26 more days. I enjoyed it so much and will want to revisit it long after that. 🙂


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