Colin’s Descent into Madness


Comments overheard recently regarding Colin’s performance in TLATD.

Underplayed? …………………………………. Overplayed?

Our response:

We all know Colin Morgan does not approach the development of a character without a lot of study, a lot of reading, and a lot of field work.  He uses imagination, as all actors must, but it is always educated imagination, leaving not much to guess-work.  Insanity and manic behavior are not shrouded in much mystery anymore.  One can find tons to read on the subject along with many examples of their manifestations.

I trust Colin.  I trust him implicitly.  He has done the work, as he always does, and informed himself before stepping before the camera.  And Colin knows, from the first frame, where the story is headed and how to lead the audience into what lies there.  Establishing a calm, level-headed, man … a man of reason and logic, a man of science,  is important to revealing the later impact of his downward spiral.  Without the contrast there is no dramatic effect.  High drama plays upon contradicting our expectations, without which all things remain predictable and easily, though perhaps not precisely, explained.



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