Poldark … Season 2


BBC has confirmed Season 2 of ‘Poldark’ will be released in the UK 4 September.  Happily for the US, PBS has announced Season 2 begins Sunday, September 25 with a 2-hour premiere at the special time of 8/7c on MASTERPIECE on PBS!”  Therefore, only a 3-week delay between the two airings.  A much easier delay to handle when trying to discuss various episodes.

Having spent some time with Ross and Demelza while waiting for TLATD, we are looking forward to the return of this, another excellent series by BBC.

In addition a confirmation Poldark will return for a third season.  And apparently it’s possible that James Norton will be the new 007.

(photo: © BBC)





2 comments on “Poldark … Season 2

  1. AwenFound says:

    A few weeks ago, I did a binge-watch of the whole show, for the first time. It was excellent and I look forward to the next season. Perfect timing for me, as I don’t have to wait long to find out what happens.

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    • We are fascinated with Colin and anything he does, but there are also many really good UK films and series out there. We will try to highlight them here, as well as keeping up with Colin’s latest adventure.


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