(Thanks to our Drew for sharing this … another distinctive personality in the wonderful world of Colin Morgan!)

This filming was followed within weeks by TLATD.   Waiting for You (filming June-July 2015) ..  TLATD (filming August-September 2015),  both for 2016 release.  Two distinctive characters filmed back-to-back.  Astonishing.

3 comments on “Paul

  1. Is this not a wonderful photo? ❤ So this is Paul…a different character, yet again, from Colin's others. I very much look forward to meeting him, and really hope that "Waiting for You" is not going to keep us waiting for too long. 🙂

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  2. We are very much inspired to add “Many Faces of Colin Morgan” to the main menu bar so that it will be more easily accessible to our visitors. Looking over these images one cannot help but be awed by Colin’s immense talent. Each name brings memories of a not-to-be-forgotten portrayal which resides in the running stream of souls he has introduced to us … this wake of very human stories that grows as he ventures forth. We follow gladly. ❤

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  3. I like Merlin the best, his hair, his facial expressions basically the greatest, not to mention cutest, of all celebs.


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