Colin’s Personalities


Recent discussion of favorite Colin personalities elicited this lovely remark from “AwenFound”.

“As far as personalities, I love them all. But I would have to say, Leo. Perhaps because he really was the character where I discovered Colin’s range of talent.  His face expresses both child and man; trust and mistrust; and loneliness, yet a complete connection to those who are his family.”

(gif credit: dara)

2 comments on “Colin’s Personalities

  1. Beautifully expressed, AwenFound. A wonderful contribution to our efforts here. Suntse

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  2. Colin Morgan Admirer ‏@ColinAdmirer 10h10 hours ago

    @mosley_sunny @wordpressdotcom @AwenFound Excellent remark describing our loved Colin Morgan talent. Certainly a broad range. Tks 4 sharing
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