No Season 2 for TLATD :-(

TLATD Favorite Couple

In spite of our many questions and interest in pursuing Nathan’s story, we will not be treated to a Season Two.  Sadly, our wishes cannot all be met.

 From Digital Spy:  News and Current projects:
• August 12th 2016 – The Living and the Dead will not be returning for a second series …

The BBC has opted not to bring back Ashley Pharoah’s spooky drama, which launched on iPlayer on June 17 and later aired on BBC One. “We are very proud of The Living and the Dead and would like to thank Ashley Pharoah and the fantastic cast and crew,” “However, in order to create room for new series and to keep increasing the range of drama on BBC One it won’t be returning.”

We must ask what effect this early announcement might have on viewers in countries still waiting for this series.  Australia coming up soon.  The U.S. in October.  Will they still be drawn to watch it with the same enthusiasm?
We think it was too early to jump in, yes, even BBC, with opinions or announcements that serve to color or influence future interest.  This also happens in the first episode of any series … with viewers who are not content to watch the story play out … who are not patient enough to give the groundwork time to establish the story line.

We think BBC should have waited to see the reaction in Australia and the U.S., among others, before making their final decision.

photo (C) BBC and Robert Viglasky)



6 comments on “No Season 2 for TLATD :-(

  1. Wish we knew what Ashley had in mind, even if we cannot see it played out on the screen. 😦 (…a grown woman pouting now!)

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  2. I am reminded of an early reviewer of ‘Humans’, right after the first episode aired, who scoffed at this ‘renegade group of Synths’, who, this reviewer said, were inconsequential and should not have been added to the story! (imagine that!) 🙂


  3. The series is already being aired in Australia, at least our Australian friends say so. In the US it will be aired according to the schedule (Fall) on BBC America. I think BBC One never had the intention of a 2S. It is obvious when the ratings and critics are yet not completed in IMDb and other sites and the BBC decides not to bring it back. The series is not even mentioned in Rotten Tomatoes. The Living and The Dead certainly has generated mixed reactions, which is reflected in the critics (not so abundant), beginning with Deborah Ross for Event Magazine. She declared she was insufficiently enthralled to ever return… and turned down the series from the first episode without a second glance or thought. However, many critics didn’t share her opinion, although didn’t give either five stars to it. Maybe was this what BBC One expected?… some kind of experiment perhaps? The truth is the series is a piece of art. As Louisa Mellor appointed

    “The Living And The Dead has been a tasteful thief of the horror genre. It’s chosen carefully from the established bag of tricks, making skillful use of scares and shocks to build a beautifully eerie, quite distinct atmosphere.”

    It has to be considered for awards at least in the category of a mini-series for the story, setting, cinematography, music and outstanding performances. Colin Morgan superb in his transformation.

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    • Such a great contribution to this discussion. Thank you. We are in complete agreement, and want to particularly set apart three of your observations.

      “… turned down the series from the first episode without a second glance or thought.” and especially and emphatically …

      “The truth is the series is a piece of art.”

      not leaving out, of course: “Colin Morgan superb in his transformation.”

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