The Music and The Voice


The Music …. (The Insects)  Evocative and perfectly matched to this endeavor.  The Living and The Dead benefits greatly from the creative accomplishments of this group.

The Voice … Colin’s mastery of his expressive range, his vocal instrument, is not to be underrated.  This aspect of his talent is used in such a natural way, it is oftentimes overlooked.  However, the tones left haunting the space in which they were spoken do not leave the memory easily.    island.6

We have mentioned many times our admiration for Colin’s vocal ability.  Tone, timbre, phrasing all contribute to a spoken audio experience bordering on music.  It began for us with Island and the recitation of island folklore.  The Fall definitely contributes to our opinion, especially the second season interrogations of both Katie and Paul.


The Living and the Dead reveals again his use of tone and inflection to impart intent and emotion more than the words alone convey.

Pitch, intensity, vibration, resonance, color, tone, range … all called upon effortlessly, all part of the collection of character studies that remain in our memories.



3 comments on “The Music and The Voice

  1. leahluna55 says:

    Beautiful post, suntse! love both Colin’s voice (his range, the different tones he uses.The color of his voice embraces my heart) and the music of TLATD is exceptional and wonderful.

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  2. Teriad says:

    Like you say, Collin leaves indelible and wonderful memories of every character he portrays…. still crying over Cathal’s fate.

    Liked by 1 person

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