Speaking of Creepy, were we?

It’s difficult enough that The Fall and Humans are going to collide.  And, we may or may not be completely finished with TLATD.  It’s either the Gobi desert or a lush Tropical Isle as we try to keep up with Colin’s career.     puzzled.2

We just checked out this trailer for Humans, S02, which is apparently coming at us October 30th.  It must be in keeping with Samhain, because this clip certainly gave us the creeps!

Watching as they ‘fixed’ this Synth was rather startling.  She instantly went from one who looked almost human to one who reverted to being a ‘dolly’ once more.  We can’t even explain why we found that so sad and upsetting.


4 comments on “Speaking of Creepy, were we?

  1. AwenFound says:

    Yes, Samhain, leading to the Celtic New Year. A watch of the fifth episode of TLATD is a must for Halloween as it is a perfect old-fashioned ghost story.

    Without missing a beat, we say goodbye to Tom and hello to Leo. I’m just going to pull up my beach chair, order a refreshing drink with a little umbrella, and sit back on this tropical island and enjoy the Colinness of it all. Happy New Year!!!!

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  2. leahluna55 says:

    Netflix will start showing the Fall S3 on October 29th. 🙂 ❤


  3. leahluna55 says:

    Thanks, Suntse. I love to be here, too. ❤

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