Watching Colin Grow … (sharing thoughts)

Fires.Idirsholas.2 Leo.Leader.2 (2) recall-4Remember when there was so much clamor about his being the next Dr. Who???  (Modestly, we never thought it would be a role for him.)  Anyway, there is an interview where he was asked … and his answer was … “That box is already ticked.”  On the other hand, we thought Merlin very much a fit for Colin.  It gave him a lot of room to stretch his skills so that it became much more than talking to dragons.  Also, the 5-year commitment set him on a steady path.  For a young actor just beginning, what a great opportunity to hone his talent daily rather than skipping from role to role with short-term assignments.

So, now he is skipping … from role to role.  (Colin has a great sense of timing, it seems to us.)  So diversity is now his watch-word.  If every role cannot speak to him, he can at least try on many characters while he watches for the ones that do strike his heart.  Stretch and grow, stretch and grow, this is his direction.  And while many of his fans want to see him stay in a particular role they have become fond of, we are indeed fortunate that he does not.  Otherwise, we would never see what he is capable of, he would never surprise us, he would become ‘the same’.
So, familiarity is comfortable for some fans, but it does not seem to be the challenge in Colin’s heart.  You see this as well.  And we both have compared his performance art to music, as that is the closest thing to his ability … shades, nuance, melody, harmony, great choruses of emotion.  There will be more from him along his path … whether it leads to ‘stardom’ or no.  His is a passion having nothing to do with fame.

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