DS Anderson: What is being conveyed here?




Self-congratulatory?  Smug?  Attempting to ingratiate himself to Stella?  Looking for her approval or demanding it?  Your thoughts?

(screen captures: all rights to BBC and The Fall, no copyright infringement intended)



5 comments on “DS Anderson: What is being conveyed here?

  1. All of the above. 🙂

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  2. AwenFound says:

    I’m beginning to think that Tom is much more focused on his position and getting ahead than actually interested in the cases. Does he have a need to be accepted or is it just about him getting to the top? I fear that this show isn’t going to spend much time delving into Tom’s psyche. I would like to think that the glimpses of his insecurities are a sign that we will find out something interesting about.

    Suntse, I don’t know if you have seen episode four, but something happens in that one that changed my mind about Tom’s storyline.


    • Hi Drew … I saw E04 this morning. Are you referring to Tom’s assignment to go to London to access the files on Susan Harper? Do you have thoughts on where that storyline might take us? Certainly Tom seems much happier to be considered important enough to be given this assignment.

      There has been talk that Allan Cubitt wants to continue this police procedural drama after the Spector story is finished. I had wondered if he plans to take DS Anderson’s participation in the crime unit further. It would be interesting to watch what happens next.


      • AwenFound says:

        No, I am referring to the look on Tom’s face when Stella asked him if his arm is okay. That look that Tom gives her led me to believe that all is fine between them now. If that is so then the teases that there is something more and that Tom is building up some kind of anger doesn’t pan out anymore.


      • Ah, thanks for clarifying your thoughts. This foray to London should prove interesting, as well. We’re still left wondering how Allan will dispose of these new leads and a trial in the two episodes that are left. Will it wrap up … or be bled forward into a different case?


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