The Fall … series 3


The Fall … next day thoughts

This one is tough for me, and that dilemma has nothing to do with Colin’s performance.  Like all of you I enjoy his approach to anything the writer asks of him.

Let me start with The Fall as a series.  The story was never my choice of viewing, but I do understand the need to set up and put events in context and so endured the creepy killings and sadism.  Much of the series was intense and interesting when it came to pursuing Paul and building a case against him.  Background music tones kept the tension and our expectations alive.  Season 3 particularly benefited from the valiant hospital attempts to save his life.  The actors certainly measured up with excellent performances.  However, on the whole this one will not be calling me to return as so often happens with many of Colin’s projects.  Following the character studies of both the killer and the hunter, and the effect their actions had on those caught in the resulting ripples gave plenty of room for thought.  Like a huge boulder thrown in a large pond, shock waves emanated further and further out with no end in sight.  Many of us watch events expecting some kind of ending … this one was rather unsatisfactory in terms of a resolution to the story.  But the questions raised were good ones …

Now we turn our attention to the question of DS Anderson.  I’m glad Colin is keeping busy, and we would never give up a chance to see any role he adds to his CV.  We do recognize that not every role has the substance which calls upon Colin’s emotional depth, though we keep looking for glimpses of it anytime he fills the screen.  Colin certainly gave everything possible to this ambitious detective.  My personal belief is that Colin, himself would not have felt good about being listed third in the opening credits, certainly not ahead of actors like John Lynch whose role was far more entangled with the plot.  These choices are not Colin’s to make, but his respect for the talents of others would not have made this his choice.  It’s Allan Cubbitt’s choices I question with regard to DS Anderson.  Why pander to ‘fan’ obsession with the Tom/Stella/Paul connection?  And that choice certainly weakened our view of Tom, which was not only unnecessary, but led absolutely nowhere.

(screen cap (c) BBC, The Fall)



2 comments on “The Fall … series 3

  1. You have reflected a few of my own thoughts, Suntse. 🙂


  2. I am amazed how many times this article has been read in the four short days since it was published. Total: 83 times to date.


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