Leo vis-a-vis Merlin

Merlin.Born to   Leo.failed.1
It’s best not to compare one role to another, and certainly not particularly fair to Colin’s portrayal of either … However, it strikes me that Leo, like Merlin, wants a fair and just outcome without anyone getting hurt. Hester, of course, perceived this as weakness, rather than compassion. She certainly perceived it as ineffectual, and too slow for her agenda, having no patience in her to tolerate a more deliberate approach.  Perhaps season 3 of Humans will give Leo the opportunity to let reason and understanding prevail over those clamoring for a violent solution.  Jonathan Brackley and Sam Vincent do not seem predisposed to take the easy, conventional way.  (So no great battle between Synths and Humans!)  Instead we are expecting some interesting, creative answers from them.  All the more reason to relish the arrival of season/series 3.


2 comments on “Leo vis-a-vis Merlin

  1. m88th says:

    whoah this weblog is magnificent i like studying your articles.

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  2. Vivian says:

    I’m waiting for season 3 and craving for those answers. The authors posed the questions in an intriguing likewise mode that we deserve a few answers!

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