Was it a mistake to co-produce Humans with AMC?

In this blog’s opinion, the answer is YES ! and it is YES for several reasons.
** We have not yet received an ‘official’ confirmation of a season 3 for Humans.  They are waiting for …. what?  (Maybe we should be grateful … maybe there is some hope that we will yet be treated to the idea that Synth’s could be a new ‘species’ to be reckoned with? … along with the various forms that could take … understanding and tolerance … or hatred and resentment … or integration and assimilation … or …)
** In contrast, Merlin proceeded through 5 wonderful Kudos/Shine seasons without interruption and without any American partner. The story was allowed to play out to its finish.
** The editing done by AMC to make Humans S01 fit into their commercial schedule was, to put it politely, ‘atrocious’ (scenes eliminated, scenes cut short … etc.) and we hope to never suffer through another such mindless treatment of any future Kudos project.

We hope Humans will be allowed to continue and understand that season 3, even if renewed, may well be its last. If AMC chooses to withdraw, then we can hope that Kudos/Shine can find another way to give us closure on this very interesting take by Brackley/Vincent on their conjecture regarding Human/Syth possibilities.

We are sorry that a distinguished producer like Kudos/Shine feels it important to obtain American partnership.  American tv does not have the same commitment to the ‘art’ of cinema and story-telling that resides in our European neighbors, and it shows in every tv series they produce.   We realize it’s where the money is; however, the quality of introspective questions that can be made so interesting  by a good tv series are generally not addressed by American studios.

This author was born and raised in the Western US, and has over the years become very discouraged by the continual erosion of interesting, thought-provoking options provided on my tv screen.  Discovering UK, Irish, and French choices has been a delight.  I’m sorry that Kudos feels the need to give an American producer any artistic input on one of their interesting series.  If this is deemed necessary again in future, perhaps they can at least hold onto the power of review and approval of outside editing choices

(An Example): The scene in the Hawkins bath, S01, (which AMC cut in its entirety), had a very definite link to Leo’s vulnerability and gave meaning for his surrender to Hester’s enticement(s) in S02.  That early scene gave us a glimpse into the pain and longing that resided in Leo’s heart.  Sadly the AMC audiences were deprived of this foundation which gave his later submission such poignant substance and meaning.





4 comments on “Was it a mistake to co-produce Humans with AMC?

  1. Vivian says:

    I completely agree! European perspective is quite different from American one. Not to mention Colin’s rendition! It’s such a damage cutting off scenes like that… in which Colin’s facial mimic is so stunning!

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  2. Ann J says:

    I agree 100%. I find myself waiting until the show comes out on Blue Ray or DVD so I can get the UK version from Amazon UK, I know it will be as the director intended it to be. I have a region free blue-ray player for just that reason. I want to see the whole show uncut! American TV is horribly censored. Not only did they cut the shower scene, they also cut the brothel scene and changed the dialogue. I’d rather wait 6 months (if I can’t see it on VPN) and get the blue-ray thank you.

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  3. AwenFound says:

    I didn’t even watch it on AMC this season. I saw the first season on AMC and had no idea about all the great scenes that I had missed out on until months later.

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