From Kudos regarding Humans S03

L- R Leo (Colin Morgan) and Max (Ivanno Jeremiah)

Dear Sir or Madam,

Can you confirm a Season/Series 3 for your production, “Humans”?  We have been watching every day for any updates regarding a confirmation, and can find nothing … even though we saw the final episode of S2 several weeks ago.  Please respond to your anxious fans. Thank you.

Here is the response I received today from Kudos Receptionist, Rhys Holland.  Kudos, 12-14 Amwell Street, London, UK

Kudos Co Info .. Hello Suntse,  Thank you for your email and your interest in Humans.  We can confirm Humans Series 3 is currently in early development. We hope you continue to enjoy Humans and thank you for your support.   Cheers, Rhys Holland, Receptionist

Having given up on all things AMC, I contacted Kudos using their website, and received this very timely and exciting response.  All the better to Share with all of you!  Suntse


2 comments on “From Kudos regarding Humans S03

  1. That’s great news, Suntse! I’m glad you took that bull by the horns. 🙂 We also just heard via Twitter that AMC is on board for Season 3 as well, so now all we have to do is hope that poor Leo isn’t stuck in a synth coma for most of the season. He must be fixed and hopefully in the first episode, or maybe episode 2 at the latest! 😀

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    • I had tried to include Twitter on this posting. At work and couldn’t remember my password ! 🙂 Glad the news is out there. Of course, I won’t be watching it on AMC. We can trust Kudos/Shine to keep the storylines and references intact. 🙂

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