Colin as Sean MacDiarmada

Once again we are drawn into the essence of Colin’s character in this wonderful manip by cathaloreagan.  It’s good to know Kevin McCann is still pursuing his dream … which is becoming ours, as well.

We are grateful to learn that the actors understand how difficult this is and all remain on board to get it done.  In the meantime, Mr. McCann continues with his work … the slow, tedious, committed work to keep the dream alive.  We recently received a letter from Kickstarter, which many of you also received.  He has come to Los Angeles to seek funds via a traditional movie manner in the US.  He will be continuing positive finance discussions which began there last year.  He says, “There are a number of production companies, producers and financial institutions who have read the script and want to be involved in the movie – so the pieces are finally fitting together. “  (Could this be the American interest Colin spoke of earlier?)

McCann writes in the letter, dated March 25, 2017: “Here is a link to recent article of an interview with an Irish newspaper detailing some of the experiences we have had in developing the movie:  “

We are ever hopeful that this film will continue on the path to its realization.

(image credit: Manip by cathaloreagan )

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