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Gloria: “Colin Morgan Stands Out” … “Sharp Satire”

Nimble performance: Colin Morgan in Gloria, Marc Brenner

First review of Gloria performances, Evening Standard: Colin Morgan stands out in a cast that is uniformly absorbing, writes Henry Hitchings.  (excerpt)

It begins in the New York offices of a magazine that’s in decline. Specifically, we’re among the junior editorial staff, who appear much more intent on bickering and bitching than on grappling with their menial tasks. Yet though they give the impression of laziness, they are fiercely ambitious — and also angry, because they’re crushed by the protocols and hierarchy of an industry that seems impervious to its own obsolescence.

The central character is Colin Morgan’s Dean, earnest and disappointed. Alongside him Kae Alexander’s nicely observed Kendra is image-conscious and competitive, and Ellie Kendrick convinces as nerdy, childlike Ani. Meanwhile Sian Clifford’s Gloria feels like a study of angsty isolation —

For reasons it would be unfair to divulge, events veer off in an entirely unexpected direction –

The ways people deal with trauma turn out to be more significant than the trauma itself. One involves converting it into a commodity, and there’s some especially sharp satire at the expense of publishers hungry for this kind of shonky artefact. While a few exchanges lack real zip, the performances are absorbing. The pick of them comes from Morgan, the most nimble among a cast full of shape-shifters.

Gloria .. Previewing 15 June –


is breathtakingly brilliant. It has you laughing-out-loud one minute, and on the edge of your seat the next. Wow.

19h19 hours ago   Total awed by the first act of #Gloria at @Hamps Theatre. Bravo all!! Haven’t longed for the interval to finish, well, ever! Come on act 2!

19h19 hours ago  Most shocking end to a first act I’ve seen. Chilling to the bone. Well done

19h19 hours ago  Wow. In the interval of and WTAF? Audience jaws-dropped. Can’t wait for 2nd act! OMG to the max. That’s eh!

Opening Night !!

Colin Morgan makes his Hampstead debut. His theatre credits include Mojo (West End), The Tempest (Shakespeare’s Globe) and Our Private Life (Royal Court). His television credits include The Living and The Dead, Humans, The Fall and Merlin.

Colin has already proven his ability to hold a stage, beginning with his first appearance on the West End Theatre scene.  A young, aspiring thespian, not yet graduated from the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, he secured the lead in the award winning play, “Vernon God Little”.  His reviews were accolades.  The roles that followed were no less complimentary.  He has become our favorite, and we all wish we could be there tonight to cheer for this amazing talent.

Colin is an ensemble actor, not a star.  He works within the cast to create the whole piece as the writer envisioned.  He is humble and accomplished, always supportive of the endeavor in its entirety as well as his fellow actors.  We wish him and his cast-mates a successful run in “Gloria”.  As they all must, and we with them, await the reviews.

Michael Longhurst (Director) and Branden Jacobs-Jenkins (Writer)

At thirty-two, Branden Jacobs-Jenkins is one of America’s boldest young playwrights, but British audiences are only just starting to discover his work.

Previews from: 15 June 2017 … Official Opening Night: 21 June 2017



Colin … Back on Stage !!


Hampstead Theatre: June 15 – July 22, 2017.

We had been missing news of Colin.  Guessing now that he has been quietly in rehearsals, among other things, getting ready for this opening.  We are really jealous of our UK friends who will be able to jump on a train and see the play first-hand.  Here’s hoping they provide us, their envious American cousins, with some details of their experience and Colin’s performance.

It’s very good to see Colin having time to return to the Stage … his first love.  ❤

Playing two roles again … Dean/Devin … twins perhaps?     (photos: “Gloria”,  Hampstead Theatre)