Opening Night !!

Colin Morgan makes his Hampstead debut. His theatre credits include Mojo (West End), The Tempest (Shakespeare’s Globe) and Our Private Life (Royal Court). His television credits include The Living and The Dead, Humans, The Fall and Merlin.

Colin has already proven his ability to hold a stage, beginning with his first appearance on the West End Theatre scene.  A young, aspiring thespian, not yet graduated from the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, he secured the lead in the award winning play, “Vernon God Little”.  His reviews were accolades.  The roles that followed were no less complimentary.  He has become our favorite, and we all wish we could be there tonight to cheer for this amazing talent.

Colin is an ensemble actor, not a star.  He works within the cast to create the whole piece as the writer envisioned.  He is humble and accomplished, always supportive of the endeavor in its entirety as well as his fellow actors.  We wish him and his cast-mates a successful run in “Gloria”.  As they all must, and we with them, await the reviews.

Michael Longhurst (Director) and Branden Jacobs-Jenkins (Writer)

At thirty-two, Branden Jacobs-Jenkins is one of America’s boldest young playwrights, but British audiences are only just starting to discover his work.

Previews from: 15 June 2017 … Official Opening Night: 21 June 2017




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