About (an homage)

bbcdiscovery began, and continues, primarily as an homage to Colin Morgan‘s work.  It’s goal is to build a career biography of this extraordinary, talented man, never intruding on his private life. This site is intended to follow Colin’s career and give anyone interested a look at his work and accomplishments. I hope it is easy to navigate and that you will find much information to inform you of his work, his ethic, and the reasons he has enchanted so many.

The Topics Sidebar is a good way to search the site.  The Time Travel series is particularly oriented toward Colin’s early beginnings, at least the ones we were privileged to see or learn about through reviews and interviews.

There will be diversions from time to time, but always returning to Colin’s next project.

His activities in stage, film and tv, past and present, are the main focus here.  He was a new discovery for me when Merlin came to our screens.  I have been enchanted by the exceptional quality of his talent since the first episode of that wonderful series.  His reactions to his introduction to Gaius stay with me still, the embarrassed stammer, the lowered eyes, the innocent confusion.

My feelings and thoughts about the entire Merlin tv series will be found in Remembering Merlin.

The pages listed under that title will talk about each season and its episodes.  This is a work in progress … at present unfinished.  I hope you will visit both the Merlin Home Page and the individual Season pages as time goes on.

He has also introduced me to an appreciation of the books and films that he admires, which I have encountered through reading his interviews.  New worlds for me.

Having lived in the Western US all of my life, I was late coming to British and Irish films.  Now I am a huge fan of the system which brings such thoughtful and interesting stories to the screen.

Far outside the range of fangirl, I left ages 20, 30, 40, and 50 long ago, and never ever before having had a fascination with any actor … Here I am completely enchanted with a very young Northern Irish lad.  Explain it?  Though I have tried over the past 7-8 years, there seems to be no words that capture it.  Leave it to the leprechauns still hiding in the Northern Irish woods.  They have invaded my life, and planted an interest in all things Colin Morgan.

So, much of my writing here will be following his adventures as he stretches the art he loves into every avenue of human understanding.  I can only wish him well and watch him grow ever more skillful.

*Replies are always welcome and encouraged.  Let’s talk about your thoughts.


16 comments on “About (an homage)

  1. I’ve been following your pages for the last few weeks now, and I must tell you how much I appreciate your articles and comments about Colin, his life, and his projects. I am a late-to-the-party Colin Morgan admirer, having just very recently been introduced to him after watching, in marathon style, all five seasons of “Merlin”. I have since found “Parked” and “Island”, and have watched and read just about anything I can access with his name attached to it. I am now enthralled and consumed with him, and being a women ‘of a certain age’, have had difficulty rationalizing my feelings for this “young Northern Irish lad”. I’m grateful it appears I’m not alone. 🙂

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    • Certainly not alone! And very welcome here. You have already read my About page. His enchantment has no boundaries. If you find a rationalization, please don’t let me know. I have given up trying to understand it! 😉

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    • Teresa Adshead says:

      Oh thank God…I thought I was turning into a sad old woman having been totally captivated by Colin’s so extraordinary talent since Merlin. Since Syfy started re-showing the series I am collecting everything Colin has worked on. Om. ..did you see him do Aries in The Tempest..would have loved to see that performance in person but he only played the role for a short while due to his other commitments. Superb actor.

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      • It’s always wonderful to add a new voice to Colin’s admirers. We welcome you here and hope you will look over the history of his entrance into the profession that he loves. You might want to access the Topic, “Time Travel”, which traces his steps from age 5 years, through his education, and first steps onto the London Stage, even before he graduated from RSAMD.

        Welcome! 🙂


  2. leahluna55 says:

    mywhisperingmind : The Soul is ageless as well as the feelings! Welcome to the club of “mature ladies enchanted by the young warlock” and enjoy the best blog about him. 🙂

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  3. Today marks 100 followers of bbcdiscovery! Never did I expect such a wonderful reception. I thank each and every one of you who has stopped by to wander through these pages and posts. We all share an admiration for the amazing Colin Morgan, and it is a privilege to share these thoughts with you. I remain, humbly appreciative.

    With gratitude,

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  4. AwenFound says:

    Your blog is delightful and I am so happy to have found it…relieved actually. As someone who has also left behind her fangirl years, I have felt more than a bit disconcerted the last few months as I have tried to come to grips with the idea that I have been charmed by Colin Morgan. Unlike you, I have been fascinated with a few actors, but that was many years ago and I certainly never expected to revisit anything like that.

    About four or five months ago I started watching Merlin on Hulu. I had thought of watching it many times, but figured it might be silly. I was wrong. I loved every episode. Perhaps it was because I was in the process of preparing for a move across the country (from the West Coast to the Midwest) that I didn’t pay as much attention to Colin as I might have at another time, but it wasn’t until Merlin was over and I was settled in my new home, that Colin’s talent really caught my attention.

    I was so sorry to see Merlin end that I looked for other shows where the actors appeared. The first one I came across was Humans. This performance was nothing like Merlin. It took about two minutes for me to realize how incredibly talented and diverse Colin is. I was blown away. I literally went back and rewatched the whole Merlin series. I began to worry a bit when I found myself looking up interviews and videos on Youtube…Not to mention finding myself reading Terry Pratchett and listening to Death Cab for Cutie. I also feel a little frustrated that I can’t mention any of this to my friends….because…REALLY??!

    So here I am. I had actually checked out a few other blogs but felt a little silly and did not stick around. I came across yours by accident and think I am going to feel right at home.

    I too am now going to stop trying to figure this all out (those leprechauns sure do get around) and just enjoy the fun of it all.

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    • What a wonderful comment! I can tell you, AwenFound, that it has been almost 8 years for me, and the wonder has not faded. So, you may as well enjoy it.
      If you have not seen “Parked” or “Island”, please try to do so. And “The Tempest” is not as difficult as Shakespeare might sound. You may have noticed that I treated myself to a Multi-Region DVD player solely to continue to enjoy everything possible. that he does. One of the best things I have ever done, as some of his UK offerings are not shown here. You will find much about the first two here as you look through the posts. Colin became so busy after Tempest that I have not yet spent much time on it, and it’s still in my drafts folder.
      You are very welcome here. I enjoy reading how others came to this enchantment. Best, Suntse

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      • AwenFound says:

        Sounds like I will be ordering myself a multi-region DVD player (any suggestion on which one to get?). I actually love Shakespeare and look forward to seeing “The Tempest.” I just watched “The Island” on youtube. What a heartbreaking and tender performance! A few days ago, I ordered it on Netflix, hoping for a clearer picture and perhaps…some bonus material? I also ordered “Testament of Youth” and plan on seeing “Parked.” I have been exploring your blog site and look forward to coming back often and will be sure to post my responses to Colin’s work in the appropriate sections.

        Thank you for the warm welcome. I have felt this weird build-up of energy since finding Colin and I know it is because I feel a need to share this with someone. Although, I must admit…as someone who is normally an open book…I am enjoying having this little secret that often puts a smile on my face and adds a bit of magic to my life. I think your blog will help with any desire I have to chat about Colin. Jill


      • Mine is a Sony. Chose it after reading the reviews on Amazon, but so long ago I don’t remember the reason. It has served me well. The response time for powering on and loading the disc is not immediate, but no problem at all (we’re talking seconds here). Another reason I like it is that the UK offerings have sub-titles. I believe originally the US version of “Parked” did not, and I was very happy to have ordered it from the UK. Also, there were some problems with the sound, which they may have fixed by now. No problems with the UK version.

        “Island”, probably one of my most cherished of Colin’s performances, was not subtitled, even the UK version. It took a few viewings before I could sort out most of the dialogue. Some accents are more difficult for me than others it seems.

        Colin’s storytelling in that film is touching beyond words. And that wonderful instrument, his voice, which he uses so eloquently, strikes chords which haunt the air after the sound has faded and linger in my memory even now.

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    • I noticed in your browsing you checked out a post titled merely **. There is a Thread on the main menu bar with the same ‘title’. Hadn’t realized I used it in both places. (?)
      Anyway, you may want to look at the Thread, as well.

      I also might mention “Colin’s Gallery of Lost Souls”. Along with the images there are a couple of statements by Colin which highlight, again, the seriousness and the ‘heart’ of this young man and his choices.

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  5. AwenFound says:

    I’ve been okay with the accents. Needed to rewind a couple of times and have used the subtitles occasionally. But then I have watched quite a few BBC programs so that probably helps. I will cheek out the threads you mentioned. I hope to read all the threads.

    Were you able to get “Quirke” on DVD? I am also looking forward to seeing “The Laughing King” and hope that won’t be too difficult to find when it is released.


    • Yes, I do have “Quirke”. Enjoy Colin’s very cheeky reporter. He was quite intimidating when he challenged Phoebe about her choice. (will leave it there). All episodes were good, he is only in the third. Also really like Stanley Townsend who plays the detective.

      Am going to move this to “Chat” if that’s ok with you.


  6. AwenFound says:

    Not quite used to interacting on blogs. What does moving to chat mean?


    • On the main menu bar, under Conversations, there is a Thread named “Chat Room”. When you click on that it will bring up the chat room. You will have to scroll down to the last entry to comment.

      If you got my last comment, you should be able to click on that and it will take you there. I’ll stand by while you try it.


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