Exploring Merlin

losing arthur.3

We have been asked to supply a place for discussion of Merlin’s path after Arthur’s passing.  We will start this Thread as a Host Post to see how it will work and give other commenters an opportunity to join in the discussion using the Comment Bar below.  The Host Post will be accessible on the sidebar, Topics menu,  for those who want to contribute.  As we prepare to go forward, we add this caveat from the author of bbcdiscovery:

Let’s begin with this understanding: Suntse is not a fan of fanfiction. She does not welcome prurient interest in Colin’s relationships or the privacy of his body. She finds merthur crude and denigrating and disrespectful.  She is very much a fan of articulate language, the beauty and nuance of descriptive words, and the gentle admiration of a man who has brought such delight and wonder into our lives.

As we begin these travels into what might have been for Merlin after losing Arthur, we might want to treat it as a rather academic, imaginative enterprise, more about exploring a possible path for our hero than writing a new dialogue.

Sincerely, Suntse