There are moments when the feeling captured on Colin’s face leaves me dumbstruck.  I had already very much enjoyed the first two episodes of Humans and his portrayal of Leo … Then … In the third …

In the third, as Max jerks the bottle from his mouth, this image flashes before us.  The recognition of what we had unconsciously been missing lights up the screen and teases our latent memories.  “There it is!” … That quintessential Colin, the pure, unfiltered revelation of his character’s state of mind, there is sorrow, just that instant leaving its mark, like no one else in the world can do.” 


(Thanks to mywhisperingmind for this important screen capture.)




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Mostly pictures and gifs … an appreciation for a face that can capture so many emotions … and bring out feelings in us of joy, laughter, sorrow, devastation, elation, anguish, tenderness … an unending list of deeply human reactions to events in our lives.

(All credit to the originator(s) of these wonderful pictures.  The work is not my own.)

Colin S1


Go, leave

Colin.Merlin Dragonlord






Not Quite The End


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