Preparing for season 3 .. Humans

What better way than to revisit our favorite reviewer. Rob Smedley’s delicious comments regarding Hester and season 2. An excerpt or two followed by this  link to the whole thing.

“The Synths activate in a montage that has a beautiful, dream-like quality to it, which is fitting given that their true selves are waking up. And it is just that – an awakening. Not an uprising, or a rebellion, just a realisation that they don’t have to be doing what they’re doing. They can just walk away. They can do that most human of things: choose.

The sirens in the distance are a hint to chaos, but what will the outcome of millions of Synths suddenly making choices be? Will Leo live to see it? Will there be a Season 3 for us to find out?

There better be. Humans has once again proved itself to be hard sci-fi with real heart, taking concepts that could easily be big, cold, and unassailable to a Sunday night audience, and making them not only accessible, but emotional.”

Rob Smedley

Our observation: Central to the chaos introduced by the “awakening”, later termed, “Day Zero”, is absolute fact that while most of the newly conscious Synth’s feel the impetus of freedom of choice, they as yet have no experience which would aid their understanding of potential consequences. These initial acts, which could result in damage or injury, are undertaken in innocence.

Now Vincent and Brackley will take us on that journey. We welcome Season 3.

(Photo credit: promo Humans S3)

A Long Absence

Illness has imposed a long absence on this author. Colin has been absent from our tv screens for a similar time.

Humans, series 3 is finally available in North America … a good reason to try catching up. The Series is proving its excellence with each episode.

We are glad to be back and hope some of you will continue with your comments, either on the post(s) or in the Chat Room.  Here’s to a very interesting summer.

From Kudos regarding Humans S03

L- R Leo (Colin Morgan) and Max (Ivanno Jeremiah)

Dear Sir or Madam,

Can you confirm a Season/Series 3 for your production, “Humans”?  We have been watching every day for any updates regarding a confirmation, and can find nothing … even though we saw the final episode of S2 several weeks ago.  Please respond to your anxious fans. Thank you.

Here is the response I received today from Kudos Receptionist, Rhys Holland.  Kudos, 12-14 Amwell Street, London, UK

Kudos Co Info .. Hello Suntse,  Thank you for your email and your interest in Humans.  We can confirm Humans Series 3 is currently in early development. We hope you continue to enjoy Humans and thank you for your support.   Cheers, Rhys Holland, Receptionist

Having given up on all things AMC, I contacted Kudos using their website, and received this very timely and exciting response.  All the better to Share with all of you!  Suntse

Was it a mistake to co-produce Humans with AMC?

In this blog’s opinion, the answer is YES ! and it is YES for several reasons.
** We have not yet received an ‘official’ confirmation of a season 3 for Humans.  They are waiting for …. what?  (Maybe we should be grateful … maybe there is some hope that we will yet be treated to the idea that Synth’s could be a new ‘species’ to be reckoned with? … along with the various forms that could take … understanding and tolerance … or hatred and resentment … or integration and assimilation … or …)
** In contrast, Merlin proceeded through 5 wonderful Kudos/Shine seasons without interruption and without any American partner. The story was allowed to play out to its finish.
** The editing done by AMC to make Humans S01 fit into their commercial schedule was, to put it politely, ‘atrocious’ (scenes eliminated, scenes cut short … etc.) and we hope to never suffer through another such mindless treatment of any future Kudos project.

We hope Humans will be allowed to continue and understand that season 3, even if renewed, may well be its last. If AMC chooses to withdraw, then we can hope that Kudos/Shine can find another way to give us closure on this very interesting take by Brackley/Vincent on their conjecture regarding Human/Syth possibilities.

We are sorry that a distinguished producer like Kudos/Shine feels it important to obtain American partnership.  American tv does not have the same commitment to the ‘art’ of cinema and story-telling that resides in our European neighbors, and it shows in every tv series they produce.   We realize it’s where the money is; however, the quality of introspective questions that can be made so interesting  by a good tv series are generally not addressed by American studios.

This author was born and raised in the Western US, and has over the years become very discouraged by the continual erosion of interesting, thought-provoking options provided on my tv screen.  Discovering UK, Irish, and French choices has been a delight.  I’m sorry that Kudos feels the need to give an American producer any artistic input on one of their interesting series.  If this is deemed necessary again in future, perhaps they can at least hold onto the power of review and approval of outside editing choices

(An Example): The scene in the Hawkins bath, S01, (which AMC cut in its entirety), had a very definite link to Leo’s vulnerability and gave meaning for his surrender to Hester’s enticement(s) in S02.  That early scene gave us a glimpse into the pain and longing that resided in Leo’s heart.  Sadly the AMC audiences were deprived of this foundation which gave his later submission such poignant substance and meaning.




Humans v. Westworld


A truly worthy article in TV Guide about the questions and values presented in ‘Humans’.  This, more than any other recently read, articulates the subtle themes in this marvelous series and relates them with an eye to the understanding it deserves.

excerpt: Although it lacks the budget or star power of Westworld, this actually works to Humans‘ advantage, helping the show to feel relatable where Westworld felt slick and distant. Rather than grand, philosophical monologues about civilization and enlightenment, Humans prefers to show instead of tell the audience about what it means when the line between synthetic and organic becomes blurred beyond recognition. Once the Hawkins family unlocks Mia’s true self, they’re forced to reevaluate synths’ position in society and reconcile they’re own previous actions from this new perspective: Is it cheating if it’s with a synth? Is it rape if the synth can’t say no, or if you didn’t know it could think? What rights does possessing consciousness earn, and where do you draw the line?

by Sadie Gennis

Read it through and find a reason to watch ‘Humans’, especially from a UK source where the editing pen is not wielded with the same blindness as the one from AMC.

(screen shot from Channel 4 broadcast … all credit to Kudos/Shine/and BBC)

Leo vis-a-vis Merlin

Merlin.Born to   Leo.failed.1
It’s best not to compare one role to another, and certainly not particularly fair to Colin’s portrayal of either … However, it strikes me that Leo, like Merlin, wants a fair and just outcome without anyone getting hurt. Hester, of course, perceived this as weakness, rather than compassion. She certainly perceived it as ineffectual, and too slow for her agenda, having no patience in her to tolerate a more deliberate approach.  Perhaps season 3 of Humans will give Leo the opportunity to let reason and understanding prevail over those clamoring for a violent solution.  Jonathan Brackley and Sam Vincent do not seem predisposed to take the easy, conventional way.  (So no great battle between Synths and Humans!)  Instead we are expecting some interesting, creative answers from them.  All the more reason to relish the arrival of season/series 3.

Humans S03 Scheduled !


Good News! Released tv series Humans season 3 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held – November 1, 2017.
In winter 2017, after a successful second season, the AMC leadership officially extended the show, “Humans” on Season 3.

(It should be mentioned that neither Channel 4 nor AMC have yet added their confirmation to the information concerning Humans season/series 03.  We are waiting) … AT LAST WE HAVE IT.  BOTH KUDOS AND AMC HAVE CONFIRMED S03 IN PRODUCTION.