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Something to keep us happy while we continue to wait for general release of this interesting film.   Thanks to the Belfast Film Festival Team for providing this interview.  We are grateful.  Link to article follows.

Q&A with Colin Morgan who stars in Waiting for You

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A lyrical mystery drama, Charles Garrad’s spellbinding feature debut stars Northern Irish actor Colin Morgan (Merlin, Testament of Youth) and one of French cinema’s most celebrated performers, Fanny Ardant (The Woman Next Door).

Director Charles Garrad will take part in a Q&A following the screening of Waiting for You in the Queen’s Film Theatre this Tuesday.

Q&A with Colin Morgan  Posted on Monday, 3 Apr 2017

Actor Colin Morgan was born in Armagh in 1986 and is best known for playing the title character in the BBC fantasy TV series Merlin, as well as Channel 4 hit sci-fi show Humans and the BBC’s supernatural show, The Living and the Dead.

How did you come to be involved?

With this script I was immediately enthralled. I thought that it was really atmospheric, and mysterious. I like the fact that it had this road trip feel to it, and again what draws me to most characters is their lost-ness. I am often drawn towards characters that are trying to find something – whether it is outside themselves, inside themselves, or a mixture of the two.

When I met Charles I was taken aback by his enthusiasm for the story and how much passion he had along with his desire to get it made, which fuelled me even more. With an independent feature it can be more challenging to get it off the ground, which can make it feel even more special to be involved. It felt like a collaborative experience.

What was it like working with Fanny Ardant?

Charles didn’t want us to meet until our first scene. It had been scheduled that the first scene we meet was the first scene that we did together. I had been at this house in France filming for a few weeks, and the first scene that we did together was the scene where we first meet in the movie. That was great, because we were feeling each other out. She is incredibly warm, generous and glamorous, sophisticated and innocent, and you can’t help but admire and like her. She is a fabulous actress with a beautiful passion and a wealth of experience behind her eyes. We had a really interesting chemistry and dynamic with each other. The film delves into the past and the secrets that the house might hold, and there is this weird sexual energy that hangs around them, whether as lovers or a maternal love, making for a strange mix.

What was the greatest challenge for you?

Mapping out the journey in more or less every scene. When you are the character whose eyes the story is being told through you have to be more explicit in the changes that are happening and you are experiencing. If it is one note throughout the whole film then the audience are stuck with that for the duration, so you have to be aware that if the camera is your face then you really have to be doing some peddling underneath. The story does that naturally, but you have to be specific about where your character is in each moment. It is a constant jigsaw puzzle, and I love it, but definitely a challenge.

Colin Morgan was interviewed by Joseph Walsh




“Waiting for You” and “The Rising”

clock.1It takes a long time and many ups and downs to bring a film project to completion … to have it polished and ready to be shown in theatres for us to enjoy. You will have already noted that 2014 was the target date to begin filming, “Waiting For You”.  So, by time of the 2014 announcement much of the initial work was already done and filming was “coming soon”.  By contrast, in that same year, “The Rising” was in only the initial stages of the process.  An early announcement in July 2014 proclaimed the anticipated schedule.

“Waiting for You” is now complete and ready for distribution.  It’s 2017 entry in film festivals has been announced and the search for a distributor has begun.  More steps are left before launching a release date … 6+ years in and not quite there yet.  Almost 2 years since casting was confirmed.

France 24 February 2017 (British Screens Festival, Nimes)
France 24 February 2017 (Festival Ecrans Britanniques: British Screen)
UK 3 March 2017 (Borderlines Film Festival)

             And look what it took to get this far ...


“The Rising” has gathered much, not all, of its funding, sorted locations, and announced some casting.  More steps lie ahead on its way to reaching us.

the-rising-script-read-3 the-rising-script-read-2 (October 16, 2016: Irish Embassy in London for script reading of ‘‘ ) (Thanks to and

Many films tread a long and difficult road from conception to inception to completion.  There are many steps: finding the story, writing the screen play, finding funding, finding locations, producing artwork, then on to casting and shooting, followed by post production editing, finalizing, and finding a distributor.  We are the happy recipients at the end of this journey to enjoy and savor the fruits of many talented people.  We need patience, and we applaud them all.


“Austere yet Powerful”

We thank Isa-belle Alexis for creating this lovely piece and sharing it with us.  Isa-belle Alexis ‏@Bellal_ColMpics Apr 12

A quote from “The Laughing King” review #ColinMorgan #TheLaughingKing #ColinMpics #ShortFilm http://www.unsungfilms.com/22834/the-laughing-king

Colin.TLK review

He touches our hearts, without words.  He always has.  He always will.

The Rising … a longer wait


The Rising.1  Anticipated all-star movie about 1916 Easter Rising won’t be released until 2017 at the earliest

The film, entitled The Rising, has been in development since 2012 and will not be released until late 2017, or possibly later.  The film will focus on Séan MacDiarmada’s role in the 1916 Easter Rising. Mac Diarmada was one of the Rising’s masterminds, and one of the seven signatories of the Irish Proclamation.   The Irish Post has learned that now filming will not begin until late this year at the earliest, meaning it could be 2018 before fans will get to see the finished product*.  The project is being supported by Northern Ireland Screen and the Irish Film Board.

The casting of the film has attracted much attention so far with big names such as Colin Morgan, star of the BBC’s Merlin confirmed to play the lead role of Séan MacDiarmada.

Two major roles have yet to be cast. One is that of lead female character Min Ryan who conducted courier duties during the Rising.  Min Ryan was the partner of Séan MacDiarmada;  MacDiarmada wrote in a letter before his execution that “Miss Ryan, had I lived, would have been my wife”.

* (Keeping in mind some other independent films we have featured, this does not seem to be an uncommon hurdle for independent film makers to encounter.)


Calum … A Storyteller in the Ancient Sense (a Bard)

Table Rock

Calum’s voice stirs latent memories.  Timbre and cadence and phrasing bring stories to life. He was born a storyteller, a troubadour as in the ancient oral traditions of the Celts.  Imprints of words, made vibrant, linger on the air.


Colin’s portrayal of this damaged boy was exquisite.

(Colin as Calum, Island 2011)

Comments on The Laughing King … (first screening)


funkyfilmsuk:  What a pleasure to see #thelaughingking on the big screen tonight #colinmorgan is mesmerising and Lindy Heyman has created a fantastic piece. Pleasure to be involved.

irenelapreziosa:  So proud of what Human Kind still can do. Some people deserve success for what they share. A meaningful project like this share an important message and we all should appreciate that there are still people who care about human species, who do not work just for money. Thank you!   PS. Colin Morgan is a perfect combination of beauty and skills. I’m speachless. Totally in Love! X from Italy

The aim is to make it available online – info coming soon. Check out .

https://twitter.com/theCALMzone  .. Many opportunities here to add our help to this worthy cause.

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