Colin Morgan … Radio Plays 2017

On 22 April 2017, Colin Morgan portrayed Tom in the BBC Radio 4 drama entitled Keeping In Touch, which is a story about Baroness Joan Bakewell’s love affair with famed playwright Harold Pinter –


Colin Morgan will portray George, the lead in The Coming of the Martians, an audio dramatisation of H. G. Wells’classic 1897 story “The War of the Worlds directed by Lisa Bowerman and adapted by Nick Scovell. It will be released on 1 July 2017 in DVD, CD, and Download format – (Photo Lisa Bowerman)

“Sherwood Sound Studios are delighted to announce the cast details for The Coming of the Martians, our faithful audio dramatisation of H. G. Wells’ classic 1897 story The War of the Worlds directed by Lisa Bowerman and adapted by Nick Scovell. Our adaptation retains the dark horrific tone of the original story, the original time period and details of the Martian invasion. It is the first time, in our opinion, that there has been a truly faithful, straight adaptation.

“Once we have shipped ALL physical products to our Kickstarter backers and pre-order customers we will then release to the general public in December, 2017″

A Tribute

We’re bringing back ‘Good Omens’ by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett as a tribute to our friend and inspiration, who died last week. Starts Easter Monday 6 April at 11.30pm.

Neil Gaiman: How I met Terry Pratchett

The engaging story of how the two authors became friends – 30 years ago this year.
(this is an updated link … the earlier one is no longer available)

Cry Babies … A Radio Drama

 cry babies.1

It’s early 2009, and Colin is participating in taping a Science Fiction Radio Drama before he reports to the Merlin set to begin filming the second season.  Set in the near future, and part of BBC Radio 4’s Science Fiction Season 2009, Cry Babies was broadcast 9 March 2009.

In the near-future, cryo-genesis is perfected. Now, busy, professional couples no longer put off having children but have the kids young, then, they put the new-borns on ice until they’re ready to make space in their lives to become parents. But the lives of these children are very different from kids today!

The structure, scenes set years apart, allows us to have a sweeping view of future history, and make observations about the way current obsessions might alter. But at heart it’s a story about irresponsible, self-absorbed parents and a child who suffers from an economically privileged but emotionally sterile upbringing.  The main character is a girl named, Joy.  Late in the drama she meets Roger, played by Colin Morgan.

Joy experiences brief moments ‘out of the machine’, and as time passes each opening brings shocks and surprises as her parents and their society undergo incredible changes. And for Joy, stuffed with education by the machine but denied everyday experiences, life is not just a strange new country, but a frightening, confusing and often funny one, too.

We are inserting an audio clip of Cry Babies, which included all of Colin’s scenes, (thanks to BJ’s realm).  I prefer to pick up the audio at 1:14, after the childrens’ chanting has abated.

Cry-Babies was on the shortlist of five radio dramas that were nominated for the prestigious Tinniswood Award for ‘best original drama script broadcast in 2009′.

Dirk Maggs, Executive Producer of Cry Babies, is well known for his many superb, and often award-winning radio dramas and series.  He is widely regarded as one of the finest radio producer/directors of the past 20 years.  The 2014 Good Omens radio drama is also counted among his successes.

aside:  it’s interesting to note that Colin was 23 when this picture of the cast was taken … it would be easy to guess that he is 10 here! 😉  … except that when he stands up, he’s 6 ft tall !

BBC Audio Drama Awards

The BBC Radio presentation of Good Omens, which gave us all such brilliant fun and laughter, was acknowledged at the BBC Audio Drama Awards.  This was Neil’s award.  I am adding a tribute here to Terry Pratchett, Neil’s co-conspirator in creating this classic, which has endured over many years.

2011 WonderCon - Day 3    Terry Pratchet.1

Neil Gaiman                                 Terry Pratchett

Gaiman won the outstanding contribution award for the BBC Radio 4 adaptations of his work, Good Omens and Neverwhere.

Picking up his award, Gaiman said he has “honoured, overwhelmed and thrilled” and that radio had always been a passion of his from an early age.

“You can do amazing things inside someone’s head with radio and radio drama,” he said.

“I don’t remember a time that I didn’t care about radio drama… it can become part of the fabric of one’s life, exercising the imagination, making the listener into a collaborator with the actors and the writer and the director.

“It’s faster and more fun and cheaper to make than a feature film, and sometimes a hundred times more effective.”

Good Omens, the 1990 by Gaiman and Terry Pratchett was adapted for Radio 4 by Dirk Maggs, director of the radio and stage version of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and aired over Christmas.

Newton Pulsifer and Sergeant Shadwell

Give a lift to your morning … or any time of day … and take the time to listen to this delightful edition of Newton’s first conversation with Sergeant Shadwell … including the “Witchfinder’s Kit. List of Essential Equipment”.  (described at about 3:50)

good omens.1Accompanying artwork is whimsical. And watch for the notes at the bottom of certain pages.

If you want to hear Newt’s enthusiastic response to his interlude with Anathema, proceed to 26:14.

Listen to Good Omens …

If you missed the first episode of Good Omens … search the link provided and you will see BBC Radio 4 has provided access to each episode for 4 weeks after its initial broadcast.  So you can catch up!  And so can I !  So, here it is for now and future reference. Enjoy!

C and Az.1