Now and Then …

We thank  Georgina Dawe , who has shared her observation with us, and created this wonderful piece.  @zaxMAGIC

It’s all in the hands … not exactly the same however similar enough #ColinMorgan now and then.

Colin's hands

Have been following Georgina for awhile now and highly recommend you visit her creative site, done beautifully. with much care and talent.  Suntse




Thanks to Georgeham CE Primary School, @GeorgehamCEPS, May 28, 2016.

A delayed train meant we bumped into someone famous!  Filming ‘Humans’ but he’s also on CBBC’s Merlin! Happy children

Colin's young fans

                             Colin’s fondness for children shines.

Great Story … made me smile :-) class.1 class.2


So, I accidentally sent a reference picture for Art class to the wrong printer. At the time, I thought nothing of it and simply reprinted it. Low and behold, I come into English class the next day and see this.
Apparently, my teacher was having his students do busy work and, when this started printing, out of sheer boredom and silliness, he decided to GLUE IT TO THE WALL.
He calls him the distinguished gentleman and his students all have to touch his image each time they pass through the door.
So now there’s a photo of Colin Morgan, not taped, not tacked, but GLUED to the wall and respected by all of the AP English students.

Priceless :-)

We all know Colin has a delightful, humorous side.  Looking at these recent, poignant, beautifully etched performances, we thought about adding a visit to his lighter side.  Here, just for fun, is an interview from April 30, 2012.   Laughing out loud is permitted  😀

“Hot” Magazine interview excerpt with Colin Morgan and Bradley James … (Guest starring Origami)

  • Interviewer: is that how you pick up girls?
  • Bradley: I actually pick up girls with various displays of origami.
  • Interviewer: You do not.
  • Bradley: Yes, I do. It’s quite a famous tactic here in England. The better you are at origami, the more women you attract.
  • Interviewer: And you’re sure it’s not because they recognise you from the show?
  • Colin: Well, generally they’re too distracted by the origami.
  • Bradley: Yes. My house is origami. I’ve got a car that I drove here today that is made from origami.
  • Interviewer: It must be very environmentally friendly.
  • Bradley: Yeah, big time.
  • Interviewer: Alright, Colin, coming back to Merlin – do you believe in magic?
  • Colin: After watching Bradley drive around in his origami car, I believe in everything.
  • Interviewer: Okay. Do you own anything origami?
  • Such a happy face !
  • Colin: No, I’m an origami wannabe. I’ve actually started up a support group because some people have a deficiency in their systems where they can’t actually fold things. I’m a part of that group, and it seems to affect people from Northern Ireland. Anyone prone to paper cuts shouldn’t even enter the origami game. It’s a rough industry and certainly if you don’t have thick skin, you’re going to lose.
  • Interviewer: Let us guess, we’re your first interview of the day, aren’t we?
  • Colin: Yes!
  • Interviewer: And this is how you like to start your day?
  • Bradley: …I usually start my day with origami.