bosie-1The role of Bosie … reading about him leaves us believing he was often unkind, selfish, and manipulative of Wilde. Hard to imagine Colin making him likeable as he has done with every other role thus far. Colin as a scoundrel. How will we absorb that? He not only challenges himself, he is challenging us as well. We seem to continue to learn from him, and our affection grows ever deeper.

This is an interesting departure for Colin.  A character very hard to like or embrace.  Lord Alfred Douglas, nicknamed ‘Bosie’, became Oscar Wilde’s constant companion, the love of his life and his downfall.  By all accounts, Bosie did not treat Wilde well.  From their meeting in 1891, the attachment grew.  They traveled together and, when apart, corresponded frequently.  These letters were not guarded well, and some were later used to incriminate Wilde for his trial.  There are stories of Bosie’s gambling and extravagant tastes, relying on Wilde to  come to his rescue …  a spoiled young man who used his influence with Wilde to benefit himself with little regard for his patron.

bosie-and-wilde-1           oscar-and-bosie




Our Pied Piper does not rest …

colin-thehppyprince-1 colin-thehppyprince-2 colin-thehppyprince-4

While we are pulling up our chairs preparing to view, at last, Season 02 of Humans, Colin is happily skipping on down the road …. Our Pied Piper of Future Events!

It will be 2017 before The Happy Prince appears in its finished form and finds a distributor to bring it to our screens.  Will it show up in America, we wonder.  We will, of course, expend all efforts to find it when the time comes.  🙂

We are certain better photos will emerge later.  In the meantime, we can enjoy some brief glimpses of  this new project.  🙂

Colin, Colin, Colin

Don’t look away for a moment, don’t turn back, when we get up from our naps, look what has happened!!

Paul Ashton, Waiting for You, new stills, making progress toward release date.

Shooting has commenced on Rupert Everett’s Oscar Wilde drama with Colin Firth & Colin Morgan


We continue to be amazed by this tireless man whose thirst for ‘what’s next’ can lead to exhaustion … not His, so much as Ours!    🙂  🙂  ❤