April Delights



The Huntsman: Winter’s War will see theatrical release in the U.S. and Canada on April 22nd, 2016.
(UK and Ireland will be released 1st week of April, South America on the 21st and 22nd.)


** Humans, Season 2 … begins filming.

*** We should be seeing a release date for The Living and The Dead very soon.  (We know now it will be June for the UK, October for us!)

**** Still waiting for Waiting For You and The Laughing King.

***** Not Colin, but very worthy viewing, Turn: Washington’s Spies, April 25th

All in all a very exciting Spring  😊


The Duke of Blackwood & Freya

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Colin has been cast as The Duke of Blackwood, Freya’s lover.

Freyja (sometimes anglicized as Freya) is a major goddess in Norse Paganism, a subset of Germanic Paganism.  She is a goddess of love, beauty, and fertility. Blonde, blue-eyed, and beautiful, Freyja is described as the fairest of all goddesses, and people prayed to her for happiness in love. She was also called on to assist childbirths and prayed to for good seasons.

So, in the first film, was Freya a friend to Snow White or an enemy?  Do we have any idea yet how the Duke will affect the story?

The Huntsman

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Apparently a new role for Colin.  Recently cast as The Duke of Blackwood in the forthcoming Universal Pictures film, The Huntsman, scheduled for release in April 2016.

It appears some filming has already been done on this production, which started out as a sequel to the 2012 film Snow White and the Huntsman.  After a few hiccups, it was announced on July 31, 2014, that there would not be a sequel, but a prequel.  Principal photography on the film began on April 6, 2015.  Filming also occurred from May to July 2015, as well as July 2015.

It is not clear what role The Duke of Blackwood has to play in the story, or how they may plan to insert it in the filming that has already been done.  This being a Universal Pictures film it may not, and probably won’t, have the emotional elements we find so engaging in Colin’s performances.  Of course, it is always a treat to watch him, regardless of the role.  And perhaps in Period costuming, as well.

Here is a link to the trailer for the 2012 production, to which this endeavor aspires to be a prequel.  It will give you some idea of the storyline and what to expect from the production.


(Artwork credit to Mahboobe h  This is a particularly beautiful rendition, and we thank the artist for sharing her talent.)