Alan Turing … Quote from film

There was a scene near the end where Alan Turing is being interviewed by the police officer.  What he had to say there had real impact.  It left its mark.  I will try to repeat it here, and if my memory does not serve perhaps a viewer will kindly correct me.

What am I ?

Am I a man? …   Am I a person? …    Am I a hero? …   Am I a criminal?

You choose.



Imitation Game.2

I have just returned from seeing The Imitation Game.  A brilliant, brilliant film in my opinion.  Granted I am an amateur and not a film critic, nor am I educated in all the subtleties of film making.  However, as a viewer, I was deeply impressed with the writers, the actors, the edit choices in cutting from one scene into the next, the occasional glimpses of humor, and the terribly tragic ending of Alan Turings life.  Benedict Cumberbatch was brilliant, the entire cast was excellent, and I suggest you find time to see it if at all possible.

the i-game.1

The Imitation Game

Following the Centenary theme of the British Film Festival, another very good film is standing in the wings waiting to be released in the USA.

Benedict Cumberbatch is cast as Alan Turing.  This film chronicles Turing’s life as he works against time to decipher the German Enigma code.  Once applauded as a hero, having saved thousands of lives, his life changes when he is considered to have broken laws passed in Parliament outlawing homosexuality.  These laws have long since been abandoned by a more enlightened British House, but too late for the genius of Alan Turing.