“Turn: Washington’s Spies” … Season 3

This series follows New York cabbage farmer, Abraham Woodhull, who bands together with a group of childhood friends and forms The Culper Ring, an unlikely group of spies who help turn the tide in America’s fight for independence.


Turn: Washington Spies … a very interesting AMC tv series

All actors are excellent.  Story is intriguing.  Production values are high.  It’s a pleasure visually, and some early American history is dramatized in an interesting way.

Right now Netflix is streaming both Seasons 01 and 02, on their website.  This gives you a chance to catch up with the plots and characters before the third season/series is aired April 25th, which will be comprised of 10 episodes. 

You can find profiles of some of the main characters in the Category: Turn: Washington’s Spies, listed in the sidebar Topics menu.  Enjoy!


“Turn” & AMC

April of 2014 there came an AMC offering completely pleasing, interesting, well-done, with a hint of history that presents both admirable and less than admirable characters from both sides.  It’s the American Revolution.  And, the Red-Coats are not all unlikeable, nor are the Rebels all heroes.


Done, much as Merlin was done, with Cinema quality cinematography, editing, and beautiful presentation, it is a pleasure to watch.  The small details of the conflict have us harkening back, looking up trivia, and getting interested again in this event that led to the creation of a new nation on the world stage.

Seasons 1 and 2 were interesting and involving … so easy to root for the Rebels, and find preferences among the Redcoats.  We have high expectations for Season 3.

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Turn: Washington’s Spies … Season 3


Turn: Washington’s Spies season 3 will premiere on April 25th at 10 pm.

Highly anticipated return to this dramatic presentation by AMC.  Absolute accuracy, perhaps not, but an entertaining and intriguing look at the roles of Abraham Woodhull vs Benedict Arnold in historic attempts to divorce The Colonies from British Rule.


Turn: Washington’s Spies … A Revolutionary *


Turn: Washington Spies … a very interesting AMC tv series

Caleb Brewster is what was once called a ‘firebrand’ …He is fierce, loyal, and completely dedicated to the goal of independence.  He is impetuous, spontaneous, and quite loveable!  Discipline is something he endures, and freedom is something he craves.

His part in the conspiracy could never be played in Setauket or covertly in New York.  I fear he would give himself away at the first moment his temper flared.  We cannot but love him.  And Daniel Henshall brings him alive!

Caleb Brewster (Daniel Henshall) in Season 2
Photo by Antony Platt/AMC

A Comment

Looking over several reviews about Turn: Washington’s Spies, I came upon a comment wherein the reviewer disagreed with the writers’ choice of a passive hero, finding it difficult to admire such a man.


It seems to me there is every reason to admire a man who was reluctant to get involved but did so in spite of that fear; a man who had to keep to the shadows to protect his family,   It also seems reasonable that he must not exhibit any change in personality or inclination in order to avoid suspicion and putting the cause at risk.  It can be an inspirational triumph to watch this man take on a role which terrifies him, and yet he continues to participate in a significant way to aid his compatriots in this mission.

The reviews found at the following link are all in support of this series and reflect our thinking on AMC’s wonderful effort.  Turn is definitely our idea of quality programming.    Bravo AMC!   http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2543328/reviews

Turn: Washington’s Spies … An International Cast

In addition to being beautifully mounted and photographed, with accompanying, haunting, period music and lyrics, this very interesting AMC series has a cast gathered from England, Scotland, Wales, the US, and Australia.

turn cast.1

Jamie Bell, Billington, England . Seth Numrich, Minneapolis, MN, US . Daniel Henshall, Sydney, Australia . Heather Lind, Upland, PA, US . Kevin McNally, Bristol, England . Burn Gorman, Hollywood, CA, US . Angus Macfadyen, Glasgow, Scotland

turn cast 2

Entire Cast and Crew listed on IMDb, if you wish to look further.