There is a drop-down menu under this topic (Conversations), with four sub-pages.

Chat Room, Spoilers Herein, Books, and Colin’s World.  Feel free to comment on any of them.  We encourage discussion here.


Please be aware that these threads will obviously get longer and longer ….  There is no way to keep the latest entry at the top of the page.  Also, there is no way to keep your comments on the thread clustered together by topic.  You will need to scroll down to find the entry you want to respond to. 

However, we are creating an Index below to help locate a particular conversation you may want to reference or read again.  Each comment is dated automatically by the site, and the dates are in chronological order.  Therefore you can rather quickly find the conversation you are looking for by using the “older comments” option at the bottom of each page until associated dates appear, and then scrolling down to the indicated date where the conversation begins.  We hope this will be helpful.

Posts are clustered by topic.  So, I think if we are going to comment specifically on “Humans”, for example,  that we access that group of posts by going to the Topics listing on the sidebar and bringing up that group.



INDEX for  Conversations: Spoilers Herein  as follows:

TURN: Washington’s Spies, Seasons One and Two … Conversation begins May 17, 2015

HUMANS, Season One: … Conversation begins June 22, 2015

A Merlin Question regarding Lancelot … Conversation begins Nov. 05, 2015

HUNTSMAN: A WINTER’S WAR … Conversation begins April 23, 2016

THE LIVING AND THE DEAD … Conversation begins June 26, 2016

THE FALL … Conversation begins October 04, 2016

HUMANS 02 … Conversation begins October 31, 2016



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