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Anonymous asked:

Colin has characterized himself as shy. He has said he is uncomfortable in large groups and shy with women (this was in an interview in a French magazine in 2009). He has gained polish since then but socializing is probably still an effort on his part.

rocknvaughn answered:

Yes, Colin has admitted he’s shy…and more than once, in fact. Here is the quote from that 2009 article:

Bradley told us that you’re a shy person? Is that true?
Yes, usually it’s a bit difficult for me to speak when I have to speak with many people. This intimidates me a little. (x)

It was also reported in May of 2013 by a fan named Diana (GlamQueen on Twitter) that he told her that he was:

“Shy of taking pictures and doesn’t feel comfortable [with it].” (x)

And it’s not a new phenomena. Sarah, a girl who went to school with him at Belfast Metropolitan and performed with him in Fanta Fever Night said that he was very quiet and shy back then, too. (x)

Many fan encounters have included “shy” in their descriptions as well.

I think that some people have a hard time pairing the trait of shyness/introversion with the profession of actor, and therefore, sometimes misinterpret their actions. And I get it: an actor deals with the public a LOT, and their job means they work with new people all the time, something pretty ideally suited for extroverts. But I would think the escapism aspect of acting would appeal quite a lot to introverts as well.


14 comments on “Colin’s World

  1. It has been evident from the beginning that Colin is shy and private. He loves acting and expressing himself in this way. He has accepted it brings public attention and does his best to handle this kindly and politely. When he needs space, he tries to take it without offending anyone. Those who love him respect this. Those who do not respect this, do not love him.

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  2. P.S. I am also one who is uncomfortable in crowds. Also shy and withdrawn in large groups of people … it is not so hard to understand Colin’s need to stay away from the lime-light. A lot of us applaud him for it. He is serious and dedicated to his craft. He brings us brilliant portrayals, laughter, tears, sorrow, joy. These are deeply felt things. We are grateful.


  3. Twosocks says:

    Found it! I was looking in the wrong place!

    I used to work in downtown St. Louis about two blocks from the main TV station. Sometimes you would cross paths with people you saw every night on the screen. Your immediate (Pavlov’s dogs) response was to say “hi” til you remembered these people don’t know you from Adam. To acknowledge faces we recognize must be almost instinct.

    I can’t imagine being on the other side of this situation. Everyone has a right to their own lives and protecting their privacy. I have read this particular post before and the incident that seemed to call it to attention. If someone feels uncomfortable where they are for whatever reason, simply quietly moving away–isn’t that what any of us would do?

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  4. Shyness (also called diffidence) is an emotional feeling of apprehension, lack of comfort, or awkwardness especially when a person is in proximity to other people. This commonly occurs in new situations or with unfamiliar people. This, also, is not associated with low self-esteem or lack of confidence.

    It seems Colin is very much seeking a way to politely give the understanding that he needs more space around himself. I remember the video where he simply said, “guys, I’m getting a little claustrophobic.” It was politely said, with no anger or demanding voice. It completely surprises me that anyone with any sensitivity could take offense. This feeling of being closed in comes very close to an anxiety attack. I have felt it myself, and it can be very unpleasant … and actually not a little scary … the pulse quickens, the mouth gets dry, and orientation suffers.

    When Colin says he is shy, he is not using the term in a clinical sense … but as a colloquial expression commonly used to describe these feelings.

    In any case, he only tried to explain himself in answer to the interviewer’s question. I do wish we could just let him be himself without trying to defend his actions. He has always been described as polite and mannerly and gracious to those around him. There always seems to be those few who want to stir the waters and cast doubt on the goodness we see in others.


  5. Twosocks says:

    For some reason, the discussion (in other places) about what I have come to think of as the Starbucks Incident, has bothered me. No one has suggested that perhaps Colin was just trying to give these people a little space to carry on their own private conversation.

    I am also beginning to feel a bit uncomfortable with the “I saw him at the gym, the market, at church, etc.” No problem.with any kind of public event–red carpets, interviews, meet and greets, back doors at theaters. These are events he chooses to attend and that are part of his profession. And he seems more than willing to answer intelligent questions, smile for pictures, sign autographs, even get old ladies tea! Tell us all about your experiences. But maybe keep the stuff of private life private. Be happy you got the chance to see someone you admire, just don’t proclaim it to the whole world. Am I wrong in thinking like this?

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  6. I absolutely agree Twosocks. I, too, am becoming a bit angry with this self-absorbed person whose Starbucks incident has become out of control … not just my opinion … out of control, period.

    The incident at Starbucks is very inconsiderate on the part of this person who is complaining. First, she mentions that he politely offered to move so that they would have more room. If their intent had been to do as she implied … just have more room, then she and her friend should have thanked him and been appreciative. If her intent was to find a way to get closer to him, then she was denied that little subterfuge and apparently decided to make it an issue. Big FAULT on the part of the complainer!! She can declare all she wants that they had no intent to move in on him … the facts say otherwise. In any case, Colin’s decisions to stay or leave are entirely his own and are probably no more than he was ready to carry on with the rest of his day.

    She says there was no reason for him to move. I say, if her intent was not to get closer, then she has absolutely no legitimate reason to make this an issue, the gentleman gave her and her friend the extra room they were looking for and moved on. End of story.

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  7. leahluna55 says:

    I agree with you, I’ve read many comments about the “incident” and people profiling Colin, even myself was falling into that “commenting and profiling trap”.
    I felt so uncomfortable (a little bit angry) with all the things I’ve read during this weekend that I decided not to continue with this chain of comments, it’s not even good for him and his career. The man needs his space and he has all the right to go all the places he needs and wishes. He knows exactly what he wants and hardly will be distracted from his goal, the rest is pure speculation.
    Colin is doing great, his acting skills are getting better and better and he is completely focused in developing his passion. He is very well educated, has fine manners, reveals an unusual inner peace and calmness through his eyes and his body language. What else can we asked for? Do we want to see him craving for attention personally and in social media?
    I love and admire Colin Morgan the Actor and Colin Morgan the Human Being, and wouldn’t change anything in him. What I perceive is a persevering, committed and focused person on his art full of kindness and consciousness. And I’m pretty sure that his true nature will always overcome any “fear”, any “moment of shyness” or “introversion” even the Social skills (considered a type of Intelligence) will be perfectly achieved on a practical basis.
    I’ll finish quoting Twosocks: “be happy you got the chance to see someone you admire, just don’t proclaim it to the whole world.”

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  8. It’s agreed by all here that this conversation will be put aside. I have been testing how continuing Conversations as Pages will work. You will begin to notice the testing pages. At this time it appears my concern about the titles starting to fill the main page is still a concern. It may take the next few days to make a final decision. Feel free to comment on a testing page, but do not worry. I will remove all distracting entries once the decision is made.

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  9. Twosocks says:

    Oh, good. Thank you, ladies. Just glad to know I wasn’t the only one. Now on to more important things–maybe his performance in The Tempest. Or do you already have something on here?

    All of the testing things came through fine. Before I was looking at the bullet points along the side. It sometimes takes me a while to figure things out!

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    • Well, the problem with Pages is the growth it is experiencing. So far, it is only the three of us … but we are all quite loquacious ..which is quite wonderful and exactly what I hoped would happen. So we must keep that feature. How it displays and how we continue to access it on the site is the problem with which I wrestle at the moment. I promise to keep your suggestions and will act on them as soon as this feature finds its permanent place. Please be patient with me. Tempest and all other stage work are in my drafts folder. I cannot bring them out all at once or my head will explode. He has not slowed down, so much is coming up … have I created a beast I no longer have control of ??

      Well, it’s a wonderful beast to be honest … and I love it … so, we will find a way to slow it down so that I can catch up.

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  10. We can continue this Conversation on the Page titled “Chat Room”.


  11. leahluna55 says:

    It seems Colin will be filming Humans until March! and then, The Rising? Do they have the rest of the cast?


  12. Twosocks says:

    Originally it seemed like they had finished shooting Humans, but maybe they found they needed some pickups. The only other casting I may have heard of for The Rising is for Countess Markieviez. I can’t say who it was. The name didn’t ring a bell. There were fans that wanted Katie to be in this to play Min Ryan, but it was the Countess that I would have liked to see her play. Though I’m sure whoever they picked will do a fine job. The Countess was a remarkable woman.


    • leahluna55 says:

      Some fans were also suggesting Laura Donnelly for the lead role. And I think, “Morgana or Freya”, again? Don’t know….
      Two other Irish actress they think look the part are Nora Jane Noone and Elaine Cassidy. Both have excellent CV. I remember Elaine Cassidy from The Others with Nicole Kidman and she was very good.
      As you said whoever they pick will do a fine job.


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