The Many Faces Of Colin Morgan

Such versatility over the last 7-8 yrs … not to mention his stage performances before that … the first, Vernon God Little, in which he was cast (at age 21) as the lead character just before his graduation from RSAMD.  Vernon God Little was followed by All About My Mother, A Prayer for My Daughter, and Our Private Life.  Merlin was his first tv/screen major role and gave him many opportunities to continue to grow his talents.  Two performances for tv before Merlin began … Jethro in an episode of Dr. Who, and a very funny vignette on The Catherine Tate Christmas Special.

Jethro.1    john leary

The pictures that follow take up his career during Merlin, and after  Merlin concluded.

merlin Merlin.1


Dragoon   The Dolma.1

DRAGOON, the Great                                                                                 THE DOLMA

Emrys  The Powerful Sorcerer, EMRYS

Callum   cathal-1                                                            CALUM  (Island)                                                                              CATHAL  (Parked)


Ariel                                                                        ARIEL   (The Tempest)


Skinny Luke Jimmy Miner  SKINNY LUKE   (Mojo)                                                                              JIMMY Miner   (Quirke)


VICTOR Richardson  (Testament of Youth)                                            TOM Anderson (The Fall)

testament of youthTOM Anderson (The Fall)

Jake.1                                       JAKE  (The Laughing King)  Filmed for CALM Zone

Leo.Max                                                LEO  (Humans)      Filmed for Release: June-August 2015

newscom photo                                                     FRANKIE Shea  (Legend)   Released September 2015


waiting_for_you_stills_1.4.4-1280x720                                                         PAUL (Waiting for You), filming June-July 2015 for 2016 Release.


CLy7LX8WsAAvqiXNATHAN (The Living and The Dead), filming August-Sept 2015 for June 2016 Release.

nathan-1.glasses   recall.4



DEAN                                                                                                                                 DEVIN

GLORIA Stage Play, Hampstead Theatre, June-July 2017


He has taken each character who cautiously steps into his repertoire, and made of him something unique, something not quite like any other … something who resembles neither himself nor any other of his cast of personalities … these souls who trail behind him, happily destined to take their place in the growing wake that stretches out behind.