It would be better to find another word to describe these pages … perhaps I can come up with one later.  I am not a critic!  You will find nothing negative in my comments here.  Mostly, I get immersed in the wonder of it all and try to provide descriptions of the impact these films or episodes or particular scenes have on me.

There are so many of Colin’s portrayals that I have cherished and shared with friends over the years.  These pages will give me the opportunity to collect them in one place, and share them with anyone who cares to look in.

Lady Lake.3

Merlin, of course, has its own set of pages … and they are as yet incomplete (my  apologies).  These pages will provide an opportunity to talk about Colin’s other accomplishments, to date.  His progress is so astounding that these pages will continue to see additions as far as we can see.  I have used the “Page” feature, with individual subordinate pages, for that reason; therefore, making them more accessible than individual posts, which continually move down stream.


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