(no words)

There are times when Colin is captured in a soulful moment by the video camera. These are haunting …  they need to be kept and treasured. Words detract from such a moment. These are moments for stillness, for simplicity. Studio shots hardly ever capture it … but in the art of his portrayal, suddenly there it is, that precious moment, fleeting, indescribable, emotional. The more we gaze upon these, the more emotional we become, tearing up, feeling a heaviness, a poignancy that cannot be described. And so, these are presented without words … without the restriction of words that can only detract from their wonder.

Leo in pain,2



A thing of beauty






.Colin.Merlin Dragonlord

Camelot in flamescaldera32


cathal.2 (2)


Crystal Cave.1farfarawaysite.com

losing arthur.2.1


Colin.TLK review

Isa-belle Alexis


Leo.Karen  (dara)

Curtain Call  (curtain call Mojo)



We are including artwork we found compelling.  Any work not originally ours will be credited to their respective originators. We have had some of these for several years.  Research continues to find those still unidentified.  If anyone wants an image removed, please contact me and I will gladly do so  With my thanks to those who allow us to enjoy these wonderful images that are a true tribute to Colin and his work.  Many of the screen shots will be mine, though not all.  Gifs will be rare here … we want this place to be reflective and still.  (Suntse)