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What better way than to revisit our favorite reviewer. Rob Smedley’s delicious comments regarding Hester and season 2. An excerpt or two followed by this  link to the whole thing.

“The Synths activate in a montage that has a beautiful, dream-like quality to it, which is fitting given that their true selves are waking up. And it is just that – an awakening. Not an uprising, or a rebellion, just a realisation that they don’t have to be doing what they’re doing. They can just walk away. They can do that most human of things: choose.

The sirens in the distance are a hint to chaos, but what will the outcome of millions of Synths suddenly making choices be? Will Leo live to see it? Will there be a Season 3 for us to find out?

There better be. Humans has once again proved itself to be hard sci-fi with real heart, taking concepts that could easily be big, cold, and unassailable to a Sunday night audience, and making them not only accessible, but emotional.”

Rob Smedley

Our observation: Central to the chaos introduced by the “awakening”, later termed, “Day Zero”, is absolute fact that while most of the newly conscious Synth’s feel the impetus of freedom of choice, they as yet have no experience which would aid their understanding of potential consequences. These initial acts, which could result in damage or injury, are undertaken in innocence.

Now Vincent and Brackley will take us on that journey. We welcome Season 3.

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A Long Absence

Illness has imposed a long absence on this author. Colin has been absent from our tv screens for a similar time.

Humans, series 3 is finally available in North America … a good reason to try catching up. The Series is proving its excellence with each episode.

We are glad to be back and hope some of you will continue with your comments, either on the post(s) or in the Chat Room.  Here’s to a very interesting summer.

Colin Morgan … Radio Plays 2017

On 22 April 2017, Colin Morgan portrayed Tom in the BBC Radio 4 drama entitled Keeping In Touch, which is a story about Baroness Joan Bakewell’s love affair with famed playwright Harold Pinter –


Colin Morgan will portray George, the lead in The Coming of the Martians, an audio dramatisation of H. G. Wells’classic 1897 story “The War of the Worlds directed by Lisa Bowerman and adapted by Nick Scovell. It will be released on 1 July 2017 in DVD, CD, and Download format – (Photo Lisa Bowerman)

“Sherwood Sound Studios are delighted to announce the cast details for The Coming of the Martians, our faithful audio dramatisation of H. G. Wells’ classic 1897 story The War of the Worlds directed by Lisa Bowerman and adapted by Nick Scovell. Our adaptation retains the dark horrific tone of the original story, the original time period and details of the Martian invasion. It is the first time, in our opinion, that there has been a truly faithful, straight adaptation.

“Once we have shipped ALL physical products to our Kickstarter backers and pre-order customers we will then release to the general public in December, 2017″

A Busy Year

While it’s ever so awesome that Colin has returned to the Stage,

we are excited to see a film in the wings. Particularly for his US fans, and others, who cannot easily travel to London’s theatre district.  Thankfully his is a versatile talent, which he generously shares.

This past year he has done radio plays ( Keeping In Touch, The Coming of the Martians), stage productions (Gloria, Translations (Scheduled for May 2018), tv filming for Humans 3 (release date 2018), and the newly announced film, “Benjamin”.  His energy and commitment to his art awes us all.

( Photography by Matt Irwin for Farfetch)

More about “Benjamin”


Benjamin, written and directed by actor and comedian Simon Amstell (‘Grandma’s House’) commenced shooting in late July. It is a delicate comedy about intimacy and despair, and will be Amstell’s second feature after making his debut with the iPlayer mockumentary ‘Carnage’. The project, has been produced by new production company Open Palm Films.

Benjamin is a character led comedy about being weird and struggling for connection.
The film opens as Benjamin ( Colin Morgan ), a rising star filmmaker, is on the brink of premiering his difficult second film ’No Self’ at the London Film Festival when Billie, his hard drinking publicist, introduces him to a mesmeric French musician called Noah.

Dominic Dromgoole,  who founded the movie’s production company Open Palm Films last year, said: ‘We have been hugely lucky in the great talent we have been able to work with’

Amstell said he wanted to direct a  funny film about a subject close to his heart ‘so that people could watch it and feel wildly entertained as well as feeling mildly upset’.

Again we see Colin’s willingness to seek out new talented writers and directors, new production companies … not taking the road already traveled but lending his light to new projects which appeal to his seemingly unerring eye.

Read more:


Colin Morgan to star in Simon Amstell’s film … We are excited !

We are so happy and excited to see this news … More to come.

“Colin Morgan will star in Benjamin, the new film written and directed by Simon Amstell.”

Benjamin is described as ‘a comedy about intimacy and despair… a tragicomic tale of dizzying introspection and a painful, constant struggle for validation’.
It revolves around a socially awkward and self-deprecating director and writer – who may bear some similarity to Amstell himself.  Morgan himself bears a passing resemblance to the comedian, who both wrote and directed Benjamin:

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