Humans 02, Episode 5

Episode 5 !!

leo-s2e05Remarkable, Amazing, Indescribable. We are struck dumb, without words. Overwhelmed by the impact of so much information, so much tension, so much emotion, and the introduction to even more incredible possibilities. Where does one even start :???!! ❤ There can be no criticism of this episode by anyone with a love for intelligence and excellence !


Humans 02 by Our favorite Reviewer

L- R Leo (Colin Morgan) and Max (Ivanno Jeremiah)

What a delight to know that Rob Smedley is back reviewing Humans 02. His writing really brightens our day and adds to the fun and enjoyment of savoring what’s already happened and the anticipation of what may be to come.  May the series be long and may Rob continue to add his voice to it’s endeavors.

Below are some excerpts from the first two reviews along with the links.  Enjoy the full reads when you have a little extra time.  (And, yes, Colin looks wonderful !)  Leo intrigues us and Maxxie has stolen our hearts.

With the Elster software spreading like a virus, Humans starts to explore the idea that acquired consciousness doesn’t automatically mean instantly acquired intelligence.

Humans also cannily shows us the reflection of the Synth awakening by showing us the degradation of human consciousness.  The moment when Mia breaks her Synth act and comforts  (Ed’s mom)? One of my optical units developed a fluid malfunction. You’d have to have blue goop running through you not to have felt something.

Hester’s brand new and dangerous …  Kind, sweet Max (I’ve never encountered a TV character I want to hug more) … Will Tudor still does the best ‘damaged robot’ work in the biz

Season 2’s opener was about the burden of choice that free will brings. Last week it was about intelligence. This week it’s emotion, and the ability (or inability) to express it.

And blimey it’s beautifully shot. … Well, all of Humans is. And it’s made beautiful because it’s clever, with both a subtle use of colour palette (particularly the use of blue throughout), and symmetry …

Will Tudor absolutely nails the physicality and wonder of the broken old robot.

It’s an excellent performance in a show full of them. There’s not one weak link in this cast, which given its size is impressive. It’s another excellent episode of Humans, and another five stars this week, just like it was five stars last week, and five stars the week before.