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The Last Dragonlord    Best Performances … The Last Dragonlord

From first to last all the quality of Colin’s silent ability is very evident. But I had never seen any comments about it on the IMDb threads.  These were the ones that stood out for me:

His reaction when he apologizes to Arthur for having to fight the Dragon, and Arthur says, “Why, it’s not your fault.”  Of course, Merlin does feel responsible … and the distress shows on his face.

His reaction to Gaius’ telling him that Balinor is his real father. There is shock, dis-belief, anger, and sadness all in those few moments. I found myself recoiling for him … he seemed trying to protect himself from all the thoughts that overwhelmed him.


His reaction(s) to meeting with Balinor. First: he can’t avert his gaze, even when Balinor tells him to bring Arthur inside. He continues to take in all that he can see in these precious few moments, which are to be his first memory of this man, his father; and, therefore, he does not react immediately, until Balinor says forcefully, “fetch him!”.


His rapt interest as Balinor heals Arthur.

After, when he and Balinor are sharing the meal and Balinor says, “who are you” … it really seems to me that when Colin says, “I’m ….. Merlin”, (with that hesitation) he has this hope in his face and voice that perhaps the name will mean something to Balinor … that perhaps Balinor and Hunith had discussed the naming of a son and Balinor might make a connection.

But the most beautiful moments of this episode, to me, were when Merlin reveals to Balinor that he is his son … and these two wonderful actors approach each other without words to acknowledge their approval, each to the other … in a silent acceptance of their relationship.


There are the wonderful interactions with Balinor about what could have been.
“We could have come with you … We’d have been … happy.”
“I see her in you … you have her kindness.” “Good night, son” “Sleep well Father …”

What follows is the heartbreaking reaction to his father’s dying moments …on his face unbearable pain at losing him after so short a time.  And later, being unable to share his grief, certainly not with Arthur … having to contain all that sorrow until he could be with Gaius, who would be the one to understand.

Balinor's loss

At the end, after his tearful ultimatum to Kilgharrah … and Kilgharrah’s response:

Merlin.Kilgharra's words

We see the humility in our young hero when he assures Arthur that he, Arthur, has been victorious in defeating the Great Dragon.  “You did it!”, he proclaims.  And, yet, the second, “You did it” said quietly and without fanfare was intended for himself, as he acknowledged receipt of his father’s gift.

This episode carries with it strong confirmation of this young actor’s skill and talent, which promises to continue to grow through the years, and which we will follow every step of the way.

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The Queen to help the Irish commemorate the 1916 Easter Rising

The Queen has agreed to help Ireland mark the centenary of the 1916 Easter Rising in Dublin which inspired Ireland’s war of independence and marked the beginning of the end of British rule there.

The Queen said her family will “stand alongside” the Irish people when they mark the 100th anniversary of the founding of Ireland.  The centenary is to be celebrated in 2016.

The comments are a clear hint that a senior member of the Royal family will go to Dublin to mark the anniversary, an iconic moment in Irish national folklore.


The suggestion of a royal visit to mark the Easter rising in 1916, the rebellion that inspired Ireland’s war of independence, first came from the Irish Taoiseach, Enda Kenny.  Mr Kenny said he hoped British royal visits could become normal in Ireland. He said: “We have got to move on and not be blocked by the past.”

Kevin McCann’s film “1916 Rising” is scheduled to be part of the centenary celebrations.

Broadchurch Returns


Broadchurch Season 2 will be coming in March.  This give us all plenty of time to see or review the first season.  It is an excellent drama and if you haven’t yet seen it, you might want to check it out soon.

The murderer has been identified and now the trial begins: BBC America’s Broadchurch, a murder mystery starring David Tennant and Olivia Colman, is back for a second season that focuses on the aftermath of last year’s investigation.

Olivia Coleman has been added to our list of favorite UK actors.  Her character in this series is very appealing.

Broadchurch will be carried on BBC America.  First episode is scheduled for March 4, 2015, 10 east, 9 central.

Netflix has the complete Season 1 … with subtitles for those who want to catch up and may need some help with the British accents.  (That’s me, too!)

Newton Pulsifer and Sergeant Shadwell

Give a lift to your morning … or any time of day … and take the time to listen to this delightful edition of Newton’s first conversation with Sergeant Shadwell … including the “Witchfinder’s Kit. List of Essential Equipment”.  (described at about 3:50)

good omens.1Accompanying artwork is whimsical. And watch for the notes at the bottom of certain pages.

If you want to hear Newt’s enthusiastic response to his interlude with Anathema, proceed to 26:14.

ToY Film Review (excerpts)

Contributed by leahluna55


The supporting cast, including Kit Harrington, Taron Egerton and Colin Morgan additionally present likable, sympathy-provoking characters that work well together on screen to portray young Oxford school friends whose lives change dramatically due to war. These characters are individual, distinctive characters that clearly have their own depth within the film.

The three males all showed the ability to convey what their characters were thinking without using dialogue. When any were conflicted or trying to hide something, it was clear for the audience to see, which I found really gave a deeper insight into those characters, enforcing more of a connection between character and audience.

Morgan’s ability to tell the audience so much more about his character than the visuals and dialogue does is mesmerising, and at specific moments in the film, you can pinpoint what he is thinking and why he has said or done a certain thing ….

This film gives justice to the memory of these characters, who were real people, and portrayed their life stories without sugar coating it. It discusses the loss and suffering of all during the war, and not just British soldiers and citizens, but everyone.


Blind Veterans.UK

Blind Vets.UK.2

In order to prepare for this role Colin sought advice from Blind Veterans UK on living with and experiencing sight loss. Colin interviewed a series of veterans helped by the charity, including World War II blind veteran Clifford Gower, Iraq blind veteran Simon Brown and Afghanistan blind veteran Paul Jacobs.

… it was really important for me to see what it is like to lose your sight.

Blind Vets.UK.1David Bassom, Head of  Marketing and Communications at Blind Veterans UK spoke about working with Colin:

“Everyone at Blind Veterans UK was struck by Colin Morgan’s commitment to portraying life as a blind veteran authentically and honestly.”

Thank you to leahluna55 who provided this link to the entire article published in the Blind Veterans.UK blog.

Quote from Kevin McCann

image007The award-winning producer revealed he first considered US Transformers star Shia LaBeouf as the film’s hero Sean McDermott, but he soon changed his mind after social media users backing the film’s Kickstarter campaign suggested Merlin star Morgan for the huge part.

“Shia LaBeouf is an extremely talented actor but we soon discovered that our thousands of fans would not like an American in the lead role,” he said.

“We have a very good social media team and we were asking people, who do you think could play Sean Mac Diarmada? We posted it, and Colin Morgan came to the fore.

“So I said, OK, let’s have a look at this. I hadn’t watched Merlin and I don’t watch a lot of TV, but I watched a couple of episodes and you only have to watch about 10 seconds of Colin Morgan to know that there’s something going on there.  (emphasis mine!)  And then I met him.

“We spent hours and hours talking about McDermott and I couldn’t ask for a better actor.”

It’s really wonderful to see the effect Colin has on those who take the moments necessary to really watch his portrayals in any role he has taken on. Merlin was the beginning for many of us … which is why we will continue to “re-discover” it here on these pages. We are glad to welcome you, Kevin McCann, to our opinion … to our insight into the phenomenal ability, intelligence, and dedication that resides in Colin Morgan.