Humans … Season 2 Confirmed


The show has proved a huge hit with audiences and became the Channel 4’s most popular show in 20 years after a whopping 6.1 million people tuned in to watch the first episode.  Apparently only 2 million from the US … I despair of us sometimes.  It’s almost as though too many have been reprogrammed to enjoy only noise, CGI, and gruesome prosthetics.

Anyway, we are hugely grateful to Channel 4, Kudos, Shine, and especially AMC for bringing this excellent series to even a small number of us in the US, who are and have been hungry for this kind of quality in the writing, production, and performance of great television!


Humans … Episode 7


May we call it a Masterpiece of Emotional Manipulation?  A Roller-Coaster ride of unimaginable length.  We are climbing the incline, click, click, go the wheels, rotating, pulling us upward.  Where is the top?  Reaching it now, plummeting down, wildly out of control .. will it end soon … are we headed up again?  Oh,  … click, click …

An emotional tour-de-force … compassion: Mia comforting Laura, confrontation: Karen vs. Niska, shock: George’s fatal injury, Odi’s poignant farewell, “you have died, George”; Leo’s joy at meeting Fred, at finding Maxie, desperate attempts by both families to revive him … so close … maybe not enough … families pulling together … families torn apart … sorrow at the past … hope, briefly, for tomorrow … fear … betrayal … hopes crushed.

Will we survive the next plunge … into darkness? … into the light? … where will it end? … click, click …

From dara

Colin Morgan is the most amazing actor I have ever seen. And Yes He is a real Standout in “Humans”. His acting is outstanding and incredibly poignant. He stole the show in Episodes 5, 6 & especially 7. He is a pure talent who gives real meanings to the words “acting”, “dedication”, “performance” and “art”.


Reflection … Reprise

Back in March, bbcdiscovery posted an entry titled, Reflection.  Never more true than in the final scenes of E7.


Perhaps I should not have said, “it’s not his looks that hold me captive” … because it is Colin’s face where the reflection of his emotion resides.  It resides there in such a way that we cannot help but be drawn to it and find ourselves mirroring the same emotions, living the same reactions, helpless to divorce ourselves from his struggles or sorrow.  This essence of his that is so hard to describe.


It was heartening to finally read a reviewer who sees this quality in Colin and simply says it with no reservations:

The horror and confusion that Colin Morgan puts his lovely face through is terrific; a contorting diagram of muscles revealing about eight different emotions at once.

(cultbox review of E7)