Led by Dreams

  Be led by your dreams … Ralph Waldo Emerson
… This seems to be very much the philosophy of our Colin. He stays forever with his eyes on his dream.



Sneak Peek: Colin Morgan


“Humans presented a lot of challenges, a lot of intrigue. The main thing for me is a challenge in a role, is it going to scare me a little bit? If I feel that, then it feels like the right project. There’s a lot of passion behind this.”

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Humans airs on Channel 4 this summer





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Mostly pictures and gifs … an appreciation for a face that can capture so many emotions … and bring out feelings in us of joy, laughter, sorrow, devastation, elation, anguish, tenderness … an unending list of deeply human reactions to events in our lives.

(All credit to the originator(s) of these wonderful pictures.  The work is not my own.)

Colin S1


Go, leave

Colin.Merlin Dragonlord

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Not Quite The End


This seems a good place to end this thread … admonition noted!

Jamie Bell on Abraham Woodhull

An interesting interview with Jamie Bell:  This is an insightful look at Abraham Woodhull by Jamie Bell.  A link to the entire article follows.  We are highlighting here some excerpts we found particularly appealing.


The story may be true but when it comes to the character of Abe Woodhull, Bell confides that when crafting his portrayal of the man, he realized that he had a great deal of work to do. “There isn’t much known about these people really. Most of the information about them comes from correspondence with George Washington and that really only gives us limited knowledge about Abe and what he did. So, we knew his name and where he came from. We knew he was kind of paranoid and that he was on edge a lot because of all the lying. We wanted to make sure to show that he’s terrified all the time that at any point all of the things that he’s juggling could go very wrong. Along with all of that, we really wanted to show that Abe, at his core, is just an ‘everyman,’ who was a farmer and a family man, just like a lot of people today, but then he suddenly had this incredible calling and responsibility thrust on him and this is about how he handles all of that.”

Bell thinks that it’s that ‘everyman’ quality that attracts viewers to Woodhull’s story, saying, “This is an ordinary guy in an extraordinary situation. He’s not a spymaster, he’s not militarily inclined, he’s not on the warpath. He’s actually very against the war, he doesn’t want to be any part of it, but then he has to do something. He’s constantly evolving as a man, as a spy and I think people can understand the need to fight for something that’s bigger than yourself, even when you’re scared to do it.”