Humans: A Review of Reviewers


Looking through many of the reviews of the first US aired episode of Humans, there is a marked division among the writers.

The first group seems interested mainly in Rationality:  How plausible is the plot?  Haven’t we seen this before?  Nothing new here, etc.

The second group are Emotionally involved:  A look at ourselves.  A study in humanness.

It is the second group who have my admiration.  This is an art form.  It requires emotion.  It invokes emotion.  Among these, there is one who has stood out for me.  Kyle Fowle, Entertainment Weekly, has approached this series, even so early on, with an understanding of its intent and the manner of its execution.  An example:  The first group say “Anita kidnaps Sophie”.  Where is the ‘looking deeper’ in that judgmental phrase?

Kyle Fowle describes it as wandering into the night with the child in her arms.  One can feel the difference with no further explanation.


‘Parked’ and ‘The Rising’ featured in Kells



One of the most unique and special destinations in the world – Kells welcomes you to come and explore and become a part of its special story.

Kells is on the World Heritage Tentative List – and for very good reasons. It was once known as the “Splendour” or “Joy” of Ireland and contributed to why Ireland is called “The Land of Saints and Scholars” – a town that contributed to keeping the light of learning alive in Europe during its Dark Ages.  Read more:

Hay Kells Book Festival 25 – 28 June 2015 – Venue: Kells, Co. Meath

The Hay/Kells Book Festival is the Irish offshoot of the Hay Festival in Wales, this event hosts authors, performers, historians, chefs, children’s writers and anyone that can be read and enjoyed by the general public.

The festival aims to host the most interesting Irish writers and performers as well as a cross-section of international notables, in the home of the Book of Kells.

Waiting …


tumblr_nqcs8sleWG1qdr2mio6_r1_400 (2)

While we are waiting anxiously for Sunday, June 28, our US airing of the first episode of “Humans”, Colin is in France working on “Waiting for You”.  The wonderful scruff is gone (for now).

During the story, his character, Paul, drives through France in his beat-up car searching for the large, shabby house depicted on an ancient postcard.  After his father’s funeral, the postcard surfaced in his father’s house while his mother was clearing up.

On the back, sinister words …  “Come here again, and I’ll kill you.”

Humans … Series 2 ?

CE_EjpTWgAIIh_h.jpg large

Gemma Chan has revealed that Channel 4’s new sci-fi drama Humans may continue beyond its initial run of episodes.  Chan told Den of Geek: “There are definitely still areas to be explored for a second series.”  She added: “It’s not completely tied up at the end.”

If the initial episodes had not proven to be so exceptional, one might think it is a little early to be contemplating a second season/series.  In this case, there is little doubt that we can anticipate more to come !  And we are very willing to wait.

“On the first day of filming …”

Leo & MiaExcerpts from, “Caching up with Humans”, SciFiAndTvTalk:

Stepping into a new job is always a daunting prospect, but from day one, Morgan knew he had made the right choice in taking on this role.

“When you’re working on a new character and a new show, everyone is starting from scratch and trying to find their footing,” says Morgan. “On the first day of filming for Humans, we were shooting on-location in the middle of a field. Again, we were all embarking on this new project and story that we envisioned in our minds, but it’s only when you’re there and standing in front of the camera that you think, ‘Wow, we’re actually doing this.’ As we arrived in that field, there was a full-blown rainbow. I’d seen a half-rainbow before, but never a full-length one that, in this case, stretched from one end of the field to the other. It was the perfect start to this first day of filming and I thought, ‘Hopefully that’s a good omen for the show.’

“I’m an actor who likes variety, and I’ve been fortunate to have had the opportunity to play vastly different characters in different eras. I really relish that, and getting to immerse myself in different worlds. So it has been quite a year for me so far, going from World War 1, to 1960’s London, to a parallel present day in Humans, and if I can keep jumping around like that, I’ll be quite happy, indeed.”

And so will we, Mr. Morgan, so will we !  🙂

Lost Love


tumblr_nqcadoqqiU1qemjzlo1_r4_250    tumblr_nqcadoqqiU1qemjzlo2_r6_250

This is not the last time Leo will break our hearts in his search for Mia.

In the few seconds before the tear fell so achingly from his eye, his face reflected the distress this news visited upon him. And one could see the contours of his face change as the sadness found its way across it.

(photo set via childliketendencies, © permanentmochakisses)