Colin’s Personalities


Recent discussion of favorite Colin personalities elicited this lovely remark from “AwenFound”.

“As far as personalities, I love them all. But I would have to say, Leo. Perhaps because he really was the character where I discovered Colin’s range of talent.  His face expresses both child and man; trust and mistrust; and loneliness, yet a complete connection to those who are his family.”

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The Author remarks on ‘private’ Colin Morgan

This blog’s sole intent is to enjoy Colin’s talent, his wonderful portrayals … never intruding on his private life.

This man embodies a talent we feel was overlooked by many, though not all, who only seemed to see his exterior. Yes, he has grown physically from a rather gangly youth, though not in the awkward sense, into a compelling young man, but this attractive exterior will never overshadow his comely interior, which houses an innate ability that ‘knows’ things deeper and more true than can ever be explained by the outward look of him.
It’s there in his ability to transmit emotion in his face, no gestures, no dialogue, just a furrowing of the brow, a mist in his eyes, a contortion of muscles that speaks to anguish or sorrow or joy … or Nathan’s madness. Always true to the particular character he is capturing.

He changes his gait, his posture, the sound in his voice. Moving from Merlin to Cathal to Nathan is a whole different world. Our admiration is without limit.

It is my opinion that Colin will remain private. He has already managed to field a lot of questions and with good humor simply will not be pulled into answering them. He has kept his family and friends private. Curious as some may be, there is only conjecture by those who cannot bear to leave him alone. He is on solid ground and knows how to handle fame. He has shown every indication that he will not be wooed into a frivolous life.



(Thanks to our Drew for sharing this … another distinctive personality in the wonderful world of Colin Morgan!)

This filming was followed within weeks by TLATD.   Waiting for You (filming June-July 2015) ..  TLATD (filming August-September 2015),  both for 2016 release.  Two distinctive characters filmed back-to-back.  Astonishing.

“It was only ever Colin”

From Ashley Pharoah upon being asked about casting for The Living and the Dead.

I wonder if anyone besides Colin was considered for the role of Nathan?

Poldark … Season 2


BBC has confirmed Season 2 of ‘Poldark’ will be released in the UK 4 September.  Happily for the US, PBS has announced Season 2 begins Sunday, September 25 with a 2-hour premiere at the special time of 8/7c on MASTERPIECE on PBS!”  Therefore, only a 3-week delay between the two airings.  A much easier delay to handle when trying to discuss various episodes.

Having spent some time with Ross and Demelza while waiting for TLATD, we are looking forward to the return of this, another excellent series by BBC.

In addition a confirmation Poldark will return for a third season.  And apparently it’s possible that James Norton will be the new 007.

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The Beginning … (possible spoilers)

TLATD.the past.1
I couldn’t help feeling that Nathan’s Great Grandfather’s story was the beginning for one or both of the following reasons.

First: Because this ‘affliction’ has carried on through the family, all the way (so far) to Lara’s mother, then Lara herself, it makes me question if Nathan’s great grandfather’s cruelty was also rooted in a type of insanity.

Second:  Clarity’s curse.  “You will reap what has been sown.”  The phrasing suggests the beginning is embedded somewhere in the past.  Perhaps Clarity knew or was close to one of the boys in the mine and is seeking vengeance against the mine owner and his descendants for his disregard of the boys’ lives.  Whatever the reason, I believe it was a curse and not a blessing … something to follow this family and their children forevermore.  Perhaps Gabriel’s mother was similarly cursed, and  should we be afraid for Nathan and Charlotte’s daughter?  What form might this take for her future?  (Series 2?)

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