A Compelling Look at Humans

As of June 28th, you may want to change your Sunday night plans for the following 8 weeks.  In addition to giving us a new look at Leo, (how we have missed you, Colin!), it raises very interesting questions.

We will bring our inquiring minds to watching this series.  Perhaps it will give us another outlook worth considering.

(Thanks to mywhisperingmind for directing us to this video)


10 comments on “A Compelling Look at Humans

  1. Colin looks absolutely, impossibly gorgeous. How did the ‘gangly boy’ become breathtaking?

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  2. And, Leah … the clip of Leo picking up the rucksack, don’t we see Calum all over again, in that moment?

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  3. leahluna55 says:

    Yes, Suntse, Calum. I love Calum and I’m sure I’ll love Leo…on the run…fighting for what he believes.
    Jen, could you make a close up of Colin’s face when Leo is with a computer? Please?
    He looks incredibly gorgeous.


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