Japan Advances Robot Technology


An interesting … and scary? read … at this link:  (x)  Particularly:

” Robots have long been used in manufacturing but interest is also high in exploring the potential of robots in human interaction, including helping care for the elderly “   ……………..  Is Vera really that far behind?

Besides the hotel, the bank’s ATM Teller is advancing, as well.


Equipped with a camera on his forehead, Nao is programmed to speak 19 languages. He analyses customers’ emotions from their facial expressions and tone of voice, enabling him to greet customers and ask which services they need.

(x)  So, it seems, someone out there could very well be working on developing true AI, as we sit back on Sunday night and imagine what the future could hold.


6 comments on “Japan Advances Robot Technology

  1. Twosocks says:

    Several more interesting articles, Suntse. Japan seems especially interested. I’ve read where they have a large aging population that stayed healthy and lived longer than originally expected and need some kind of assistance. Hopefully, the future ‘Vera’s will be a little less militaristic. And with us baby boomers aging, the US will be in the same position. I know from caring for aging parents, this actually isn’t a totally bad idea. I am sure there is work going on in AI. Not entirely sure about a TRex hotel receptionist, but it’s certainly innovative!


  2. leahluna55 says:

    Scary!…and the robot has a name: Nao.


  3. “He analyses customers’ emotions from their facial expressions and tone of voice,”

    Remember when Mia/Anita said, in response to one of Laura’s questions, the very same thing. “I am programmed to observe, to analyze emotions and respond to them.” (that’s not exact, and when I heard it from Mia, I just accepted it as part of the story, then I read this …
    Humans is sci-fi “fantasy”, after all, isn’t it ???)

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  4. It’s kinda like Jules Verne. How improbable was a submarine back then ? or Space Travel? or Terrestrial Flight? Humans is this same kind of intelligent science fiction … perhaps not science fiction for long.

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