Cry Babies … A Radio Drama

 cry babies.1

It’s early 2009, and Colin is participating in taping a Science Fiction Radio Drama before he reports to the Merlin set to begin filming the second season.  Set in the near future, and part of BBC Radio 4’s Science Fiction Season 2009, Cry Babies was broadcast 9 March 2009.

In the near-future, cryo-genesis is perfected. Now, busy, professional couples no longer put off having children but have the kids young, then, they put the new-borns on ice until they’re ready to make space in their lives to become parents. But the lives of these children are very different from kids today!

The structure, scenes set years apart, allows us to have a sweeping view of future history, and make observations about the way current obsessions might alter. But at heart it’s a story about irresponsible, self-absorbed parents and a child who suffers from an economically privileged but emotionally sterile upbringing.  The main character is a girl named, Joy.  Late in the drama she meets Roger, played by Colin Morgan.

Joy experiences brief moments ‘out of the machine’, and as time passes each opening brings shocks and surprises as her parents and their society undergo incredible changes. And for Joy, stuffed with education by the machine but denied everyday experiences, life is not just a strange new country, but a frightening, confusing and often funny one, too.

We are inserting an audio clip of Cry Babies, which included all of Colin’s scenes, (thanks to BJ’s realm).  I prefer to pick up the audio at 1:14, after the childrens’ chanting has abated.

Cry-Babies was on the shortlist of five radio dramas that were nominated for the prestigious Tinniswood Award for ‘best original drama script broadcast in 2009′.

Dirk Maggs, Executive Producer of Cry Babies, is well known for his many superb, and often award-winning radio dramas and series.  He is widely regarded as one of the finest radio producer/directors of the past 20 years.  The 2014 Good Omens radio drama is also counted among his successes.

aside:  it’s interesting to note that Colin was 23 when this picture of the cast was taken … it would be easy to guess that he is 10 here! 😉  … except that when he stands up, he’s 6 ft tall !


12 comments on “Cry Babies … A Radio Drama

  1. Twosocks says:

    Thank you for this link. Another, for me, “bbcdiscovery”. One of quite a few now! And Colin once again in an unusual role–playing the outsider. And always in productions that are interesting and make you think. Never just “that was cute, what’s next?” Kind of makes waiting for Humans even harder. (Do you think this man ever sleeps?)


  2. No … he must never sleep … and, actually, he is just getting started! The schedule he keeps once Merlin continues is truly dizzying! Besides filming, and taping, he attends personal appearances, does many interviews (both tv and radio), participates in charity events, and still finds time to answer fans’ requests for signatures on pictures and cards.


  3. leahluna55 says:

    Thanks! I’ve never heard this. Colin sounds like Newt.


  4. leahluna55 says:

    Definitely, I’m becoming a fan of Radio Drama. Liked the music very much!


  5. Twosocks says:

    Found another YouTube offering–says BBC Sci Fi Radio Play, Cry Babies. It’s listed at about 43 minutes. Think I’ll check it out this week and see if it’s the whole play.


    • Twosocks says:

      The entire Cry Babies is on YouTube. If you plug ‘BBC SciFi Radio Play, Cry Babies’ into their search engine, it should come up. I think I first tried just Cry Babies and came up with quite a bit of odd stuff. The main theme, of course, is cryogenics and its effects on how people would live. It’s very interesting. Yes, Colin sounds a little like Newt but he is playing someone of a similar age.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Twosocks says:

    Yes, that’s it. Colin is only in it toward the end but I enjoyed listening to the whole thing. Another “makes you think” Colin Morgan role. Haven’t found one yet that doesn’t.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Twosocks says:

    “If the role does not make Colin think”–Suntse, I feel that you are so right there. Which is why I find myself becoming more and more enchanted with this young man. I can only see even more interesting and meaningful projects in the future.

    Liked by 2 people

    • His light shines for so many reasons, Joan. His intelligence is paramount to me. His dedication and perseverance. His humility, indeed his reticence to seek the spotlight except when it has to do with the role he is performing … and that he does for his producers and cast-mates more than for himself. His obvious JOY in creating, grooming, and polishing the role … making it his own. There are so many attributes, genuine and honest … from the first there has never been a superficial remark or gesture. With Colin, it is all authentic and true, sincere and open.


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